Am I a Customer or a Co-Worker?

I wanted to let everyone know Heidi and I have been hard at work on a new website for Mothers On Mission Ministries. We will launch next week. So please forgive me for not being able to post and comment this week! This computer stuff is overwhelming for me!

I did want to leave one thought for today though. One thought that has been tinkering around in my mind.

Question: Am I a customer or a co-worker?

In a sermon I heard, a customer is defined as someone who church shops. A person who looks for what a church can give them rather than what they can offer their church. They are more concerned with etertainment than spreading the Gospel.

A co-worker is defined as someone who spends their week telling people about Jesus. Someone who is available to Jesus-at all times. Someone who constantly looks for their burning bush moment.

As believers, we bond over coffee, we bond over golf, we bond over gatherings, but do we bond over Jesus?


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Hello How are you

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I don’t want to waste time bonding over anything but Jesus!

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Good Morning, I am trying to start a Mother on a Mission in my church and I need some help to do so. Would you please help me, you can also call me at 9852284222.

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