Mama…My Leg Hurts!


I steal a moment in the prayer closet.

More than I crave anything else today, I crave communion with my heavenly daddy. I begin to write, paraphrase really, Psalm 119: 81-170:

I am worn out waiting but I put my hope in your Word;

My eyes are straining to see your promises come true;

As pressure and stress bear down, I find joy in your commands.

When will you comfort me?

There are deep pits to trap me; but your word is my constant guide and I know everything serves your plans.

Your commands give me life…I am yours.

You are my shield, my refuge; please do not let me be crushed.

I will lift up my cup of salvation…

I will lift it high so that I may catch a drop of your grace… grace that spills forth against your palm and forever sets me free.

Suddenly, my prayer closet moment is interrupted by a tiny whimper from downstairs. I put down my tear-stained, heavily-written-in-Bible and survey the damage.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

In her little girl voice she says, “Mama my leg hurts and I can’t stand up.”

I cup her face and bend down to listen.

Her muttered words tucked in between lowly cries.

I place my hands underneath her tiny arms and set her on her feet.

Her knee bends and the shrill sharpens, “It still hurts!”

So I carry her.

I carry her like a wounded lamb into the den.

I lay her on the couch.  Things seem to improve and tears subside.

My own knees buckle as I am overwhelmed by God’s presence. He nudges my heart in a way it hasn’t been nudged in a while.

I listen close and he impresses this on my heart:

“I know your voice and you know mine. I hear you crying out to me and I bend down to listen. I see your trouble and I come to you. I will wipe your tears. I will pick you up when you stumble; carry you when your wounds are too great. I see you walking along the path of my commands and I love you. I am on your side and I will protect you. Sometimes you wander away like a little lost sheep, but don’t worry… I will always come and find you.”

My own tears of joy stream as I pen these words. My cup of salvation overflows with joy that comes from KNOWING Christ died for me and a LONGING to give my whole heart, my whole life back to serving Him.


The joy that comes from hearing His small voice reassure me at the exact moment her small voice cries out for me.


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Beautiful post, my friend. What a lovely reminder of His love and watch care over us. Wonderful Truth to start my day after having a frustrating afternoon yesterday. And, amen… Jesus I want my whole heart to be Yours!

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I love how our Father uses simple, everyday moments to demonstrate His character to us. Lovely post!
Jen 🙂
Jen Stults recently posted..Faithful Friend or Critical Chrisitan?My Profile

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Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good inoimratfon.

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