An Unglued Give-away!

As a wife for thirteen years and a mom for nearly eleven, I have MANY unglued moments that I could go on about. And you’d relate and we’d giggle over them together for sure.

But, there are things in my heart and on my mind that are fresher and more painful than any of those day to day unglued moments.

A whole year for example.

Like last year for example.

2012 was a completely unglued year for me.

It began the weekend after Christmas in 2011. My husband became very ill. Some of you know the details, but I’ll just say that I’m certain his pain was far worse than I ever experienced in child-birth. –-And, you know, ladies… we don’t give that card up too freely!

During that very same weekend changes took place in his business. And those changes resulted in us making really huge decision to move to Alabama.

We thought at the time that it was God’s plan. We prayed of course, but we were super raw and emotional with him being sick and after struggling with his business for such a long time, we thought this must be His answer.

So, in June we moved our life. And the moment we arrived we were certain it was a mistake.

During our time there I experienced the absolute worst of my unglued year. Countless times I fell, crying and heart-broken to my knees. And each of those times He faithfully met me there.

He continually pieced me back together with His Truth and His peace every-single-time. 

Please don’t misunderstand me… the move and it not working out  did not surprise me about God…  I know His plans are hardly ever equal to our ideas on what’s best.

Yet, when you’re at your weakest and then hit harder and harder you tend to question your choices and whether or not they were yours or His to begin with.

I confess: I even questioned God. 

And when things seemed like they might stay broken and unglued longer than we could continue to bear… His mercy came.

The opportunity to move back to Reno came. And within weeks (six months after we arrived in Alabama) we were on the road to home again.

Praise the Lord!

Now, we filter through the year. Searching for what we are to learn. The lessons keep coming. The Humility I spoke about in my last post keeps rising. Affliction is never meant for nothing… and I’m grateful for it.

Yes, I am grateful for the entire unglued year!

Because… He showed up for me. He counted my every tear and wiped them all away. His love held me in my hopelessness and His peace surrounded me in my weariness. He rescued me.

Jesus is the answer to every unglued moment, day, month or year that we encounter. He is the answer to it all.

Now… who wants to receive a free copy of Unlgued by Lysa Terkeurst?

It could be you… just leave us a comment below sharing how God shows up in your unglued moments!

*One copy will be given. The winner is chosen randomly and will be announced on Friday Jan. 18th.




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I’d love to win a copy! I’ve heard lovely things about this book. You’re post was wonderful. It reminds me of something I wrote last week on brokenness which included, “Is the brokenness my gift to God or His gift to me?” Blessings.

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I think that God is always there in my unglued moments. It is more of whether I ask Him to join me! In my unglued moments I am trying to surrender and ask God, please come, please help me, and please, DON”T WASTE THIS SUFFERING! Lord, show me how You want to use this and have it’s purpose be for glorifying you and opening my eyes to see you more. So, I ask the Holy Spirit to move my heart so that I instantly and habitually ask God to show up to be there with me and to USE IT!

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WOW, great story Heidi and glad you are back in Nevada and back on track! God shows up in my “unglued” moments like preschooler motherhood, newborn insominia, of paranoia of the world, work-home life and financial struggles and issues by making connections for us that could never have happened without his guidance. Supernaturally telling me He is in control, even in chaos.

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In my unglued moments sometimes I am ashamed to turn to God. I am constantly reminding myself just how much God LOVES me and that His love is a constant even when I am “unglued.”

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I’m so thankful that God has and always will be faithful to glue me back together!
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I feel like God had to buy stock in glue in order to keep me together! It’s tough. I wish I could say unglued moments were a thing of the past, but ummm, nope. They are however, growing opportunities, times I have to rely on Jesus, because my own wisdom, what little there is, just doesn’t measure up! Poking, prodding, glued, unglued…. Thank God he is forgiving and merciful!

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My daughter Sophia would love to share my unglued moments. Often when I should be praying for her future husband, her character, her heart – I am actually heart praying that her memory is lapse and she forgets all of the damaging things I say and do during my unglued moments. I heavily rely on His mercies being new every day. I love Lysa’s writing and can’t wait to enjoy this book.

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