A Little More Grace, Please…


I seem to have fallen into the grace receiving category quite a lot lately.

I am beyond-words grateful to God for some really big things, like…

One very broken friendship restored… because SHE gave an abundance of sweet Grace to me.

And another friendship renewed because we exchanged Grace over several cloud-covered years of misunderstanding.

Then lately, there are some smaller grace-related blessings that I am also grateful for…

From a friend… that I was nearly a month late at spending time celebrating her birthday.

From another precious friend… for teasing her in fun… but taking it a bit too far.

And, so, so much from my dear husband… in too many personal ways to share.

I never intend to do the wrong thing… but sometimes I do.

It’s humbling.

To confess. To apologize. To seek forgiveness.

And, frankly, the whole process really hurts.

The prideful flesh in me bites so hard at her lip that she tastes the blood. Her chest puffs up within, foot stomps and in her whiniest it’s-not-fair voice says… “why is it that I seem to need so much Grace from others?!”

Oh, but the Spirit… it rises high above that flesh-girl in me… and presses her out with such force… and ushers me right into what Grace is certainly all about: HUMILITY.

Did I mention that it really hurts? Yes, you know. That stinging, stretching kind of hurt.

Jesus never said growth in Him would be pain-free. Pain-full indeed, but with such refining and worthy results. I’ll take it any day.

And I do it joyfully/painfully clinging tightly to His promises…

“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.”

Psalm 11:2

 “He leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble his way.”

Psalm 25:9



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I’m well-acquainted with “her” Heidi. Thankfully, the stinging process of being humbled offers a safe landing and leaves us with wisdom to carry forward. God is good and so very merciful. Have a blessed day.

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When I realize how much God has GRACED me out of my own messes, I am moved to extend that grace abundantly to others.

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I love how transparent and real you are in your writing. This is what makes me love reading because I too need grace in these same areas. Praising Jesus for grace when we mess up, when we choose to indulge in sin rather than take the higher road. Being humble is so attractive to God and to us! Love u

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