I’m Not Ashamed

Matthew 8:17 tells us “He Himself took our weaknesses and carried our diseases.” Why wouldn’t we go to those who are both physically and spiritually sick and diseased? That’s exactly what Jesus did for us. “We received free of charge;” now we must also “give free of charge,” (Matt. 10:8).

And that’s what we are doing today.

We are taking the Gospel. We are praying. We are serving. We are providing basic needs for the people at the Castaway Motel. I’m so thankful for the beautiful women joining me today.

When I think about sharing the Gospel, I think of Paul. He, being courageous, sacrificial, and passionate about the advancement of the Gospel motivates me. When Paul shared the Gospel, he had no confidence in his rhetorical skills to overcome the human objections to the message, but he knew the power of the Spirit to change the lives of people as they heard the Good News about Jesus’ death and resurrection. People are saved by faith but faith isn’t the cause of salvation. The cause of salvation is the grace of God, the will of God, and the Spirit’s power working through the message of God.

I need to remember to take myself out of the equation. Sometimes frustration looms when I share Christ but don’t see shoots of faith. But God notices the seeds falling and he is faithful to turn them into harvest, into beauty.

John Piper is quoted as saying, “Overflow of joy in God gladly meets the needs of others. Scripture and prayer sustain our pursuit of ultimate and lasting joy in God; costly risk taking missions of love are efforts to double our joy in God.”

This is so true.

It feels true too… missions of love do double our joy in Christ.

Lord, I pray you will “Give them a heart to know you, that you are Yahweh,” (Jer. 24:7). Enable these people to see the marks of the cross in us and feel the love of the cross from us. I pray they will realize that the God who brought Jesus out of a black tomb is the same God who can deliver them from the blackness they find themselves in. I pray our words would not be our own, but yours, only yours.



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No need being ashame for if we are He will surely be say I never knew you…
Desiray recently posted..God is always Faithful,even when we are not faithfulMy Profile

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Beautiful prayer, Kelli
Eileen recently posted..Small Progress Is Still ProgressMy Profile

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So true… “But God notices the seeds falling and he is faithful to turn them into harvest, into beauty.” He is so good.

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