#144. dot MOM Conference

Hi friends! Kelli and I just returned from Lifeway’s .MOM conference in Birmingham, Alabama and it was just so wonderful! We were blessed to see speakers, Angela Thomas, Vickie Courtney, Angie Smith and Priscilla Shier… among many others who gave break-out sessions in between. I’m sure you’ve all attended a conference like this before… they are SO packed with encouragement and enrichment that it’s a little overwhelming, but in a really good way.

As, I sat down today I wanted to try and decide on one thing to share with you from the conference and I loved Angela Thomas’s message on “Be the Light,” based on Mathew 5:14-15. Here’s a snipet of what she shared…

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand,and it gives light to everyone in the house.

Angela’s point focused on that last line. She reminded us that we as mothers provide the light of Jesus to everyone in our own home. It’s a responsibility we are given by God and in order for us to fulfill that godly position we must remember…

-It is the Lord that puts the light in us

-Jesus IS that light

-Only those who surrender have access to that light

We get caught up trying to be and do so many things as moms that this responsibility to “be the light” easily gets pushed aside. She reminded us to “Learn how to get with God in the season we are in,” so that we don’t take on so much that our lights begin to flicker because we neglect the care of our soul.

She shared this quote by Jill Briscoe that spoke to my heart…

“There is an art to leaving some things undone, so the greater things can be done.”

So, true. And as I start this new week, though I am a little worn out and suffering from a little sickness, I am still focused on the greater things. I am whispering a prayer of surrender to the Lord and asking His light to shine bright within my mommy heart.

I’m also praying for you… that you are powered up today to BE THE LIGHT!

Counting on with Ann

144. The dot mom conference!

145. much needed BFF time with Kelli

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147. the gift of motherhood

148. husband who takes care of everything while I’m gone

149. my friend Stephanie moving to an after care facility

150. divine moments on airplanes

151. chick-fil-a

152. confidence to speak up

153. winning an AWESOME give-away from Jenifer at Sweet Blessings

154. the honor of being nominated for fun blog awards from Debbie Dillon at Writin’ for Him Cafe

155. seeing God’s goodness in the hard stuff

156. doubt and the way it makes me trust You more

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I want to pay attention to the things that really matter, even if it lets other things go. Great encouragement, Heidi. Love your list today, especially the last one. Many blessings!
Lisa recently posted..Capturing BeautyMy Profile

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Great list! I am glad that you both had a wonderful time at the conference.
Jenifer recently posted..My Heart Is FullMy Profile

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LOL! Gotta love #154 AND especially #149! Praise God! I’m so glad you ladies were able to get away and re-charge your batteries over the weekend – sounds like you had an incredible time.
Hope to hear from you and Kelli soon regarding my email – I’d love to include you guys!!! I’m WAY excited 🙂
Debbie Dillon recently posted..Looking Past the Weeds Today…My Profile

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It sounds like a wonderful and encouraging conference Heidi. Such a Blessing you were both able to go!

And another wonderful list of Blessings as well… God’s presence is certainly powerful in your life!

Have a Blessed Day!
Phil D. Malmstrom recently posted..A Foundation on the RockMy Profile

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Sounds like y’all had a great time! What awesome “illumination” to that verse! I’ve heard her speak before, and enjoyed every word. Great list as well! Chick-fil-A was on my most recent list! YUM-O!
Lindsay recently posted..A Golf Ball and Some Rocks{LinkUp}My Profile

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Sounds like a fantastic conference! So sad I missed it – I’m only a couple of hours from B’ham! I just love Angela Thomas’ heart. Last spring we did her “Tender Mercy for a Mother’s Soul” book in my mom’s group and it was fantastic!
Shannon Milholland recently posted..Prayer Guide Day 12 – Health for Your HeartMy Profile

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You ladies always have a nice time together…glad you are back and filled with energy
Desiray recently posted..MeaningfulMy Profile

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Thanks Heidi! I needed that. Sometimes we just need to see the little picture…we have to start small….in our own little homes before we can be a light to anyone else. Glad you girls could go and be refreshed!!!

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I had heard about this conference. Looks like it was great! What a challenge…to be the LIGHT in this dark world, but what a thing of beauty it can be if we are!

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