It Shows

YOU are different.

I see it in the heart of the words that each of you write and in the actions of others of you that I know.

I’m different too.

I know it. But sometimes I doubt that I am. Do you ever do that?

God’s word says…

“For God called you to do good, even if it means suffering, just as Christ suffered for you. He is your example, and you must follow in His steps.”

1 Peter 2:21 NLT

Often I think we imagine one who is different as something bigger… like Noah who built an Ark when everyone else surely thought he was crazy. That kind of different. Or Paul who dressed in potato sacks and ate bugs all the while spreading the good news. That’s really different.

But, it doesn’t always show up like that. At times it does, but in between we’re still different and maybe… just maybe… it’s all the little differences that lead us to the calling of a big one here and there.

So if you’re like me and you doubt you’re different sometimes then this encouragement is just for you!

You know you’re different if..…

You let go of your money when you don’t have any

You give your time when you’re already in a hurry

You give up your place in line when you don’t really want to

You offer your turn when you’ve waited a long time

You forgive when it’s really hard

You love when you don’t feel like it

You show patience when you’re actually at your wits end

You give grace when it’s undeserved

You’re okay with being last or not receiving the best

You look at what you have and you’re grateful because you know what you deserve

You count blessings instead of victories

You want for the Lord more than you want for anything else

So, do you see it? I do… yep, we’re different. And it has nothing to do with “what” we do, but every-thing to do with “why” we do.

It’s a Jesus thing.

His example. Our desire to follow it.  And His strength to carry it out. We really shouldn’t doubt. We should just go on being different because… it shows.


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Basically, what you have said, is that being different is looking to the interest of others as being more important than your own. Or…being Christlike!! love it.
thank you for all your encouragement to me!
Shanda recently posted..Thank You, I Feel BlessedMy Profile

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I am so glad I found your blog! I love this post! thank you! How do I follow you?
Melissa Bradley recently posted..Cultural Christianity Wednesdays (Guest Post by Ann Stringer)My Profile

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This is really beautiful and really convicting. Thank you.
Katie recently posted..Our Tears, His BottleMy Profile

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I’m trying to be different, but sometimes sameness creeps in. I can only be different when I let Jesus shine through me – He makes the difference. Like you said, it’s a Jesus thing. 🙂

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Oh Heidi!
What an encouragement. It is so amazing to see what God can do with an evil sinful heart! Constantly praying God will fill me with His spirit. I HATE walking in the flesh!
Thank you!

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You know Heidi, if you think about it, Jesus was the ultimate in “Different”, the biggest radical of all… May we all strive for that level of difference. 🙂

Great post!

Have a Blessed Day!
Phather Phil Malmstrom recently posted..The Veil of Self-DoubtMy Profile

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Reminds me of the challenge from Lysa’s When women say yes to God study. Be different so you can make a difference!

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Heidi, Thanks for the reminder different is good! I loved how you expressed it at the end of your post.

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I like your new site/design. I’ve been thinking of moving over but know it takes more time than I can dedicate right now.
Shanda recently posted..Shades of GreenMy Profile

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@Shanda – Your Comments

Thanks Shanda, we actually hired someone online to do the site design and set us up on word press. It was some work for us to tweak it and learn how to use it, but we’re really enjoying it!
Heidi recently posted..It ShowsMy Profile

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Isn’t it funny how even though we know that we are supposed to be “different” just hearing that we are different from the wrong person, or said with the wrong slant can hurt! I loved reading this! Thank you for this. God’s timing was perfect that I read it this morning. Thank you for linking up with “The WAy I see It Wednesday” for even though my schedule didn’t let me get to it until today, it ministered to me. Blessings!!
Jackie Sill recently posted..The Way I See Cat FoodMy Profile

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