God Calms the Chaos: Be Still


Overloaded. Stressed. Busy. Lonely. Overscheduled. We don’t compare notes or even talk about it much. Maybe because we think we can be all and do all, all of the time. We are pretty good at figuring things out, multi-tasking, checking boxes, and getting things done. We promote ourselves as self-reliant, resourceful networkers when underneath it all, we are disconnected and exhausted. I think it’s the pressure to be a performer on the stage of our life: a great mama who helps glue and create science projects, a sacrificial wife who forfeits a shower to help her husband at work, a trailblazer for God whose sacrificial service is unmatched. Maybe we even push ourselves to do a little more because our self-worth’s at stake. Oh my sweet sisters, this creates a breeding ground for … Chaos. Un-reasonable expectations. Impossible goals. Does any of this sound familiar?

I consider myself an unfortunate expert of sorts. I trip into the trenches of chaos weekly. I run full speed on the treadmill of discord until my legs buckle and refuse to move another inch.

Why do I run towards the empty?

The spaces void of anything good?

Why don’t I escape to the quiet, the stillness of my room, shut the door and pray to my Father in secret? Why don’t I call on the One who spoke something into nothing? The One who spoke the very nature of chaos into order?

That is our God after all. His strength. His order. He waits to calm stormy seas that swirl deep within…All we have to do is ask.

But will we?

He desires to be our dwelling place even while our feet trod the road of simple earthly duty. God winks at our weakness and overlooks unfinished to-do-lists that seem to label us failure. Praise God He isn’t looking for a woman who can get it all done in 24 hours! Instead, He is looking for a woman who will come behind the veil and push into His presence one quiet moment at a time.

“Be still and know that I am God,” He says.  He says it as if he means to tell me that my strength and safety lie not in the noise but in silence (see Pursuit of God, paraphrase, Tozer). We must step out of the worldly parade long enough to get still with Him. A worldly procession that shouts your success is how much you can accomplish in a day. God’s intelligible word says just the opposite. Ecclesiastes 4:5-6 tells us wise people practice moderation and contentment and quietness. We don’t want to be fools with fistfuls of frantic; we want to be wise with limits and stillness.

God calls himself, “I am that I am.” May I apply that to us today? As the noise of life creeps up a decibel level, imagine our Savior’s voice: I am the stillness that is your hearts cry. I am the green pasture that awaits instead of a busy parking lot. I am your soul-rest from normalcy and monotony. I am the organizer of your chaotic mess. I am the only sustainer you’ll ever know. Come and find me. Call out for me. Get still with me. You will be so glad you did.


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Very timely encouragement! I have fallen face first in those “chaos trenches” too often to count …

I loved this : “Why don’t I call on the One who spoke something into nothing? The One who spoke the very nature of chaos into order?”

Thank you for the reminders!
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