Just Live Rooted


We ARE rooted in Christ–

Living in Him

Built up in Him

Strengthened in Faith by Him


We MUST be Overflowing with thankfulness to HIM!

Remembering who I am in Him is half the battle sometimes.

I get caught up in all that I think I should be in Him and get distracted and frustrated and condemn myself a lot. I beat myself up a lot. After all– I should be so far by now, right?!

I try to rush Him… to push His work in me. I move to to make change on my own and then get worn out  and quit in defeat.

I forget that HE is my strength.

I need to return to the basics. 

To go back to when I first received Him and just be zealous for Him. Trusting Him. Seeking Him. Finding Him. Loving Him. BEING STILL. Waiting on Him.

And… THANKING Him... for all things.

What I need… is to just live rooted.

Join me?

Have a JESUS-filled weekend!






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Good reminder of where we are to be centered, and who our center is. Good post.

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