Entering God’s Rest


Once upon a time I pressed through the thickness of life, believing I’d figured out how to have a healthy pace. I checked boxes, made to-do-lists when all of the sudden I declare! I ran out of gas, without so much as a warning flicker from my tank.

I decided to conduct a self-inventory, lickety-split.

This is what I found ~ I felt like a ghost of my former self; carved out and dry like the Samaritan’s well. I felt smothered by demands; hollowed by meaningless activities; overwhelmed by child-rearing.

Was I losing my mind?

Was something inside broken?

Then one morning, my Jesus came looking for me in all my sleepy-eyed-mess. Only this time, I wasn’t drowsy to his presence ~ I was looking for Him too.

Suddenly I’m compelled to fall on my face, to bring my body to the lowest place possible with absolute submission in mind. With only a pink-burst sunrise as my witness, my hands fold, tears stack, and head bows.


The One who takes my weakness and carries my disease calls me to pause, to enter His rest (see Matt. 8:17). The kind of rest defined as, “To cease from labor in order to recover and collect strength (see Rev. 14:13).”

I hear the echo of God’s invitation into this place. A place where His rod, His staff comfort me. It ignites my soul like an oil-fire. And I know. His rest is the artery that pumps life-giving rhythm into the arrhythmia of my life.

He’s asking, “Will I join him?

Will I lay down in the grassy meadows and the quiet still waters of the 23rd Psalm?”

I’m asking, “Can I stop?

Can I stop long enough to sit at his table; to devour His bread?

I review the past couple of weeks like a movie reel. My life had become like a broken sprinkler head swinging out of control back and forth into excessive extremes. I required a new gauge, because I am pretty sure mine had broken! I needed a slower pace, maybe even a sprinkler that pointed in only one direction.

My schedule?

My pace?

They were things only I could control. I had to choose whether or not to accept the invitation of the Good Shepherd.

Will I?

Could I?

Oh yes my sweet sisters I could and I did.

Once upon a time, God revealed to me that without rest:

I just might miss His most spectacular displays of unhindered glory;

I may never fully awaken to His presence;

I may never develop a sustainable pace; and

I may miss God-moments that could further His kingdom.

When we allow God to set the pace, the quality of the run will be less exhausting and much more fruitful.

So how’s your pace today? Remember the pace of your life, is your making and only you can undo it. The grassy meadows and gentle waters await!

Lupine Meadow, Dawn



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I confess, I make a huge mess of my pace! But, as you said it’s in the stopping and pausing… the supernatural callings to come to Him that things get sorted out. I like the slower, spirit led pace so much more anyway… I’m not even sure how I end up anywhere else! He is always so faithful to give me a way of escape… a way back to Him. Love Him… love you too!!

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