A Good Fight -n- Pixie Sticks

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“Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses,” (1 Timothy 6:12).

I think about joy and my disorganized desires pummel me like a rock-sling.

They tangle like threads of twine woven into a fabricated mess. They twirl and twist and suddenly my God-orientation is compromised.

Sometimes, what I believe will bring joy betrays me.

The Adversary presses hard ~ He being the enemy of my joy.

His intent is that we find joy in ourselves, our accomplishments more than God. When we press back, Paul calls it a good fight of faith. Maintaining joy in God takes, “work;” or in other words a fight against every impulse for hollow joys.   

Paul also calls it a good fight because we are not left to our own strength in the fight. The words of Martin Luther, “Our striving would be losing.”

God fights…

for us


in us

…as we tread on uneven battlefields of worldly scatter.

John Piper says it’s a good fight because it’s not a struggle to carry a burden, but a struggle to let a burden be carried for us. The life of joy in God is not a burdened life, it is an unburdened life (When I don’t Desire God, 2004).

How quickly I forget Jesus said his burden and yoke are easy, light.

Fighting the good fight doesn’t involve self-exaltation like the southern smack downs over pixie sticks in my middle school used too…

Ahem… it involves self-humbling.

Of course if said person loses the middle school whoopin’ and pixie sticks blast all over the school yard like rockets, take it from me…there is some serious self-humbling!

Sho’ Nuff ….

The fight Paul talks about reminds me that even though I can guzzle the tar out of some pixie sticks and can fold laundry like nobody’s business, I AM WEAK.


And am desperate for the mercy of my heavenly daddy.

At the end of his ship-wrecked, persecuted life Paul said, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith,” (2Timothy 4:7). “Keeping the faith for a lifetime is the result of fighting the good fight for a lifetime. And if faith includes at least the taste of joy in the glory of Christ, then this lifelong fight is a fight for joy—a very good fight,” (Piper, 2004).


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So true, what we want for joy looks very different than what His perfect gift of Joy is meant to be. I want His Joy, not mine. I’m so glad He never asks us to go it alone and that the battles are meant for way more than we think. I am, too, desperate for His mercy!

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I really needed this good word today. You know how it is when you’ve had a real spiritual lift, then the enemy moves in and hovers over you like a huge shadow? Yea, it’s been one of those days. Thanks for the reminder that the battle has already been one and my joy made complete. God Bless

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