Fightin’ For Joy


Do these two things really go together?

Fighting and joy?

Fighting seems so pressured while joy sounds more relaxed. The fighting part comes easy; it’s the joy that requires the effort.

I’ll quickly set the stage.

Today I’m a parched field with too many wide open spaces. Like a barren land gasping, thirsting for a hydrating solution that doesn’t seem to come.

“Mom, she spit on me!”

Mom she’s picking her nose and wiping it on my seat!”

“Mom she totally licked my homework!”

Ahh, the American dream… kids that spit and lick stuff; white picket fences that chip more than look good; and a dog who packed on the pounds is now doggie-door-challenged.

Yep, us Jesus girls must fight for our joy.

The journey to school is often frustrating but today I notice something in the midst of it all. We stop at an intersection and my eyes lock. I notice the river, sparkling against sunshine rays. I pass it several times a day but suddenly, it looks different.

“My people have forsaken me, the fountain of living water, and hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water,” (Jeremiah, 2:13).

God pictures himself as a mountain spring of clean, life-giving water. I picture myself a cistern, cracked sides and all ~ a vulnerable slab that allows more spill than soak. I simply can’t afford to spill, especially on days like these.


I need the water which brings life, calms my thirst.

I long for its smoothness over my rocky, battered soil.

I want to praise the water, keep returning to its edge, point other people to it, get strength from it, and never prefer any drink in the world over it…that’s what brings my God, my fountain, deserved glory. I desire this kind of savoring of my God, don’t you?

On these challenging mama days where joy hides itself behind book reports and fussy children, I will fight. I will duct-tape my cistern if I have to! I’ll do whatever it takes to house this living water deep down, to keep it from seeping through the breakage.

I don’t want this well-water to evaporate and I yell at my kids again. I desire to soak it up faithfully so that my reactions will always point my children towards the water, never away from it.  So there I’ll be, sitting at His shore, wading in His water, absorbing all His grace… day after day after day…



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Sometimes God takes ordinary people and uses them for extraordinary things. Thank you for a huge blessing this morning!!!

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Indeed, the fighting comes easy and the joy an effort… just thinking that all the fighting should be FOR His joy instead of for all the rest that gets in the way. Love this and I share in this beautiful thought with you… “So there I’ll be, sitting at His shore, wading in His water, absorbing all His grace… day after day after day…” Love you!

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