It’s Like Looking In A Mirror


The similarities are striking.  And I’m not just referring to our blue eyes and blonde hair and big, plump lips.

I’m talking about my first born, my oldest daughter.  I actually remember looking at her the first week of her life and my eyes would pool up with tears of joy and awe.  I could see myself when I looked at her.  Like looking in a mirror.

Lately I have noticed another striking resemblance.  I have noticed the similarity of our human condition.  We both “want what we want when we want it”.

Ever since her younger sister came home from the hospital she has seemed to be annoyed by her existence.  And that has annoyed this momma!  My husband and I have tried everything under the sun to teach her kindness and compassion towards her sister.  And all human efforts have failed-miserably!  And I am reminded of my own failures.  Just as she says after a lecture from daddy, “I will do better tomorrow” or “I’ll try harder next time”, I recall countless times I have said that to my heavenly daddy.

And so help me God, if she doesn’t work through this until she moves out of the house at age 18, I at least want her to learn something in the process!  And just as I may stumble and sin even though I want to obey, I want to learn something in the process!

So today, the Holy Spirit literally spoke to me.  And I found myself praying one of my favorite prayers—“God use this!”  And I asked, “Please, Lord, don’t waste this sibling rivalry!”.  And the Holy Spirit breathed life into me and instructed me to do the following: I will have her write answers to the following when she is taking a”time-out” from her sister.

  1. What was my sin? (What do I need to work on)?
  2. What fruit of the Spirit do I need to ask God to help me with?
  3. What can I do differently next time to become a girl of great character?

And BAM!  It’s like looking in a mirror!  It’s the same process that I have been instructed to do by my heavenly Father to develop my godly character.  It’s a plan for living:

  1. Repent.
  2. Ask for God’s help.
  3. Obey and act according to God’s will.

Thank you Jesus for not giving up on this girl, just as I cannot and will not ever give up on my little girl.

 Glorifying God with you,







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Great words of encouragement and insight! I love the list for the girls! In the heat of the moment its hard to think of those things, but having it already written down on paper will sure help!

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Oh, Erin… we have a little sibling rivalry here too. It’s a little different, it’s really pride… difficulty for one to accept another and showing love… even when she really wants to show it in her heart. Pride. It’s ugly and strikes young. I also love the “time-out” questions and need them for my self too!

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