Cookies and Confessions

Brown Sugar Spoon Close-up

Pat, pat, pat…

She squishes brown sugar into the cup.

The quiet one spills ingredients into the cookie bowl, but that’s not all she spills. The rhythm of the stir is interrupted by a confession of sorts.

Her heart hammers, her eyes pulse as the confession rumbles over her tongue like claps of thunder.

The girl at school speaks mean; she pushes; she threatens,” the hesitant one speaks.

My cookie stirring rhythm breaks again, her words interrupted. My emotions feel like a fuel-flame with smoke billowing, an unglued moment on the horizon for sure.

Flour escapes the bowl as my mama-stir becomes quite aggressive.

“I will high-tail-it like hell-fire to the school and yank her 3rd grader legs out of socket,” I say with not one ounce of hesitation.

Maybe there should have been some hesitation, but my red-hot reaction steamrolled over any logical sense that may have been standing in its way.  

Moments later as reflection skips across the shoreline of my mind, I think … if I affirm that God holds everything together, like eggs in my batter, then I am free to establish a sustainable rhythm as I entrust my child, my family, my issues to God. Not partially, but completely.

No aggressive intervention,

No embarrassment in the school yard,

No emotions tossing over the side of my bowl,

No breaks in the rhythm of sane thinking.

There is only ~ a steady stir from the One who makes the ingredients come together in a way that honors Him.

There is only ~ the spilling of His infinite blood against splintered wood, stained with grace just for mamas like me, like us.


 Now back to the cookies…. 

As the young one and I share a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a Coke,

the eternal One weaves a divine message into the fabric of my soul,

“Your girls don’t need a perfect mama who never comes undone;

they just need a mama who finds perfect rhythm in the arms of a

perfect Savior. 



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I have never heard “hightailing it like hell-fire”, but I LOVE IT!!!! I have to admit, I’d have the same response, so thanks for the re-focus!! 🙂

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I love this… “There is only ~ the spilling of His infinite blood against splintered wood, stained with grace just for mamas like me, like us.” This post is such a great reminder that in our unglued potential He can calm us and hold us together. We have His power in us!

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