His Wonders at Work…

God with power and might at His disposal yet works in this wise. His quiet performances are indirect, deep, serene, and seemingly slow and have to be explored, understood and appreciated. He quietly and confidently moves, working wonders day after day. In every experience, at work, in church, and in society, it sometimes appears as though God were being defeated, and the movements of His grace and providence were failures, and that all His plans were reversed, flowing upstream in the opposite direction from the ocean of blessings. One has but to look up and cast his gaze out from the shore of frustrating encirclements of the present and consider the entire stream of God’s purpose among His people in order to see that He is continually winning the battle in quiet, circuitous ways.

God works through individuals, conquering some heart, and through that heart He pours His purpose like a mighty river. The Lord makes His conquests by keeping His saints in utter dependence upon Him, making them live by faith. There is to be none of self in His program, but all of Christ instead.  

–Mrs. Charles E. Cowman

That’s what I read in my devotional this morning.

After, I found myself thinking over our bible study last night.

Our deepest grace-needs scratched quickly on blue strips and passed in vulnerable fashion to the left.

Sometimes we miss Grace because we know we don’t deserve it.

We so desire His perfection now. To see Him at work in us in BIG ways and now.

We battle the voices in our heads that echo endless lies corrupting our thoughts. They weaken and defeat us.

We grow so weary of it all. Tapping at the door of perfection… trying and trying again. And failing… again and again.

And we forget about imperfect progress.

Along with failing to see the undeserved Grace that is absolutely meant for us… we miss out on the many, many small victories along the way.

So today, I’m thinking of our little group of beautiful women and sending this thought…

…perhaps it is in the receiving of His Grace and in the bits of progress along the way (however small they may be) that we catch a real glimpse of His Wonders at Work.

Let’s not waste time missing it anymore.

Praying for you… Father, yes, keep us in Utter Dependence upon You. Center us on Christ… increase our Faith… rid us of ourselves. 



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I love this! It’s a big ole “Amen” and round of applause. The thing that sticks out to me is the “little bits of progress” along the way. I am an all or nothing kind of girl. This makes it hard of myself. The little bits and pieces of progress are victories. I don’t have to get the situation worked out perfectly. Sometimes just knowing I messed up is the little bit of progress, for me.Love you!!

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