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A few weeks ago I became all twisted up and bent out of shape. My cable broke, my internet stopped working, our heater blew, my car wouldn’t start…. And oh yes, my hair brush broke too! I suddenly found myself sucked through a funnel cloud of frustration. It’s so easy to do. It happens to everyone, right?

I sat tapping my boot against tile floor in the Honda service department. Coffee brewed and ESPN blared in the background as other customers chatted on cell phones and ate donuts. My eyes rolled and I let out a big sigh when the manager knelt down to break the news for the second time. Because you see, I’d been here before, two weeks ago…with the same problem.

“We still can’t find anything wrong with your car, ma’am,” the snide little fella responded.

I retracted, “Well the car doesn’t start? And leaves me stranded all over town.”

“I’m sorry,” he said with a shrug and walked away.

Since I’m an auto mechanic whiz (not really) I knew the problem ~ the battery. My pajama wearing, not-a-stitch-of-make-up-on self chased him down and reached over the table and said, “I am not leaving here without a new battery so be nice and go put that in my car… like now!”


I like to call these “episodes.” There are times when I go rogue, do my own thing, and then get into a heap of trouble.

When these “episodes” happen, they keep me away from Jesus.

Maybe you, like me, have had some not so shining moments. Things you may not want your pastor or your mama to overhear. Maybe these moments make you feel far away from Jesus?

Do you go through times when you don’t feel close to Jesus? If our desire is to dwell intimately with the Son of God and feel the breath of heaven on our lives, then we need to be where Jesus is… not drowning in donuts and a bad attitude in the auto parts store. For me, Jesus was not in that “episode.”

Sometimes we spend way to long trying to get Jesus where we are. What we need to do is start getting on board with the idea of getting where He is. If you haven’t felt a real intimacy with Christ and closeness with the Holy Spirit, it may be because you’re off doing your own thing, and God is elsewhere doing his thing.

A couple of things happen when we join His thing. First unbelieving people are glad and the nations rejoice because they are waiting, waiting to hear a life-giving Gospel. Second, we are happy we are walking with Jesus and are experiencing closeness with Him.

So when clouds of frustration loom we must remember that Christ wants to turn you inside out and right side up as you taste a dynamic, living, intimate relationship with Him. “Taste and see that the LORD is good,” on a daily basis (see Ps. 34:8). The Lord is saying today, “Look there are people who are waiting for me, and you are dying, and shriveling up in trivial nothings, because you’ve chosen to do your thing while I’m committed to doing mine.”

So who’s asking?

The one asking is a God who doesn’t need us but who’s inviting us to get on board with what he is doing in the world right now. Won’t you cast aside your thang for His today?


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Oh, girl… are SO human….just like me!!! I do hope you were able to fix the problem, but rest assured, there will be more episodes! LOL. That’s just how we’re wired.
I love the thought of “getting on board with the idea of getting where He is.” SO TRUE and so hard to remember when (for me) a bit of road rage sets in! Confession: I had a sign for my car made up to advertise CW Voice, but I’m so hesitant to put it on because I’m not always the sweet “church lady” when I’m behind the wheel. My snarling at slow drivers who shouldn’t be on the road because they can’t make up their mind about where to go would be a total contradiction to a sign on my back window promoting a Christian women’s magazine!! LOL.
Great post 🙂

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Oh, my, have I had some episodes! And you probably no every one:) I am finding though, that when I choose to hold off my way of doing things and instead do it His way… not only is He most pleased with me, but I end up most blessed. When I handle things my way I always end up with regret, but His way always, always blessed. I’m getting used to that (hmm… sounds like imperfect progress) and liking it a whole lot more:) And, it’s true we are a witness and He will use our actions to spread His word to others.

And, I’m giggling at Debbie’s comments… I have “I love Jesus” on my license plate” that usually keeps me from acting crazy in the car… but not always;)

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