Glorifying God in 2013!

Happy New Year everyone!  I want to start off the year with a challenge for all of us.  To start the year by being open to hear and receive a FOCUS WORD-a word that God lays on your heart.  You can pray and ask God for clarity, asking perhaps any of the following…

What does God want you to focus on FOR HIS GLORY in 2013? 


What does God want you to receive FOR HIS GLORY in 2013? 


How can God use you to DISPLAY HIS GLORY in 2013?

Share your 2013 focus word with others on this blog (in the comments section) or your close friends or family.  And then start looking through the eyes of the Holy Spirit to see why God has laid this word on your heart.  Share what is your word, how did you choose it, what does it mean to you right now, how is it affecting your choices and your life, and anything else relevant to your focus word.

My focus word for 2013 is PASSION! I will write more but I am already so inspired by the Holy Spirit!

Taken from my favorite, pastor John Piper…

“One of the reasons pursuing a PASSION for Christ and whatever else glorifies God is so important is the good effects it has on others. If you have it, and if it is really a passion for Christ, then it will have a God-designed effect on others. This is part of why passion is so good. It is an honor to Christ, and satisfying to us, and transforming to others. So, Lord, for your glory and my joy and the “stirring up” of others, give me a passion for your great name.”

Here’s to the most God-Glorifying New Year!!!

Glorifying God with you,



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Great word, Erin! You are already such a passion-filled person… no doubt God’s going to set you on fire with passion for Him this year! I’m thinking about my One-Word for 2013… it’s hinging on what ended up being my word for 2012. Last year was without a doubt was all about Faith for me. I’ll let ya know when I figure out this years word:) I love that Piper quote, especially this part… “So, Lord, for your glory and my joy and the “stirring up” of others, give me a passion for your great name.” What a perfect prayer!
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