The Pain and Pleasure of Being Pruned


My sweet dad sent me this picture last week in a text, saying it was the last rose in bloom in his backyard garden.  It made me smile, because just a day before my sweet husband was pruning the roses out in front.  It is one of favorite things to do.  I don’t think it is a coincidence that his name, Garth, means “God’s gardener”.

What was this summer the most beautiful bounty of blooming roses now was an ugly cut down stump of what used to remain.  Garth has proven to me in the 4 years of pruning roses that he knows what he is doing because every spring and summer they bloom more beautiful than the past year.  The first year he pruned them he followed strict instructions from a pruning book we bought because he had no idea how to keep roses alive and thriving.  When he basically pruned off all of the branches I was terrified there would be no flowers next season to enjoy.

The same fear has been present in my Christian walk.  In my early years of being saved, I feared and disliked the pruning.  And I notice that I had not yet learned how to listen to the Holy Spirit to learn what fruit God was trying to produce in me by the painful but necessary pruning.  In fact, I didn’t even recognize it as helpful-I only recognized it as painful.

Disobedience –“Ouch!”

Self-will run riot –“Snip snip!”

Pride and fear — “Oh that hurt!”

Materialistic idolatry — “Owieee!”

We all have areas in our lives and aspects of our character that need serious pruning. Mine may be different from yours, but without some Godly redirection, we would wither away and would not bear the fruits of being grafted into our Savior and having our will attached to His will, as a branch is attached to its vine.

I encourage you to have the pain in your life direct you to ask yourself, “What is bring pruned?”  Pain means we are being loved by God enough that He is pruning us to bear fruit.

“Live in me, and I will live in you.  A branch cannot produce any fruit by itself.  It has to stay attached to the vine.  In the same way, you cannot produce fruit unless you live in me.”  John 15:4

Glorifying God with you,


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So true, there is much pain in the pruning… but there is so much peace in knowing it is for our best that He does what He does. I’m grateful that He loves me that much… to put up with me… and to use me… despite me. He is so good! Great post… love you!

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