Today is Messy

Sometimes as my oversized car and I clamor down the driveway, I think I’ll get out and life will be easy. That three daughters will greet me laughingly when I pick them up from school, homework will get done joyfully, and bedtime will consist of sleeping. 

Except today life is messy.

There are three girls greeting me when I pick them up, only they cry all the way home because there’s no McDonalds.

The art of homework isn’t an art at all. We scratch division problems across a page until 8:00p.m. I “google” answers more than I care to admit, because after having all these kids I can’t remember much from my elementary school experience (or much of anything at all).

When bedtime arrives, they won’t stay there…little feet pound stairs for one more glass of water. Prayers and bedtime stories get postponed until tomorrow because today I just want to go to sleep and wake up when the mess is over.

I pull over because my led foot is getting quite heavy. I park. Turn the keys in the ignition, close my eyes, open my hands, and just sit.

All I can say is “Jesus.” Then He fills my spirit with just one word, enough. 


Jesus bent and carrying my burden, my anxiety, my cares. Jesus with nail scarred hands and plenty of living water for a parched wretch like me. And even when I think I’ve learned this lesson already, He lovingly teaches me AGAIN.

I look around the parking lot and He whispers softly, “I died for you. Trust me because I came for the messy (and you’re one of them). You don’t have to get it all right before you come to me. My ways will never be yours…so give it up.”

Suddenly, I remember to be thankful for the mess as it pulls me back into His arms. Maybe the reason for yet another lesson is to remind me what abiding; leaning on everlasting arms feels like. Sometimes I forget.

Some days, the bickering, crying, homework, and bedtime are his will for my life, His gift to bring me closer to Him. Tomorrow when I do it all over again, I will embrace the gift that is Him, enough for me and all my worn-out broken places.

These days, only He carries me.

And because only He carries me only He can receive the glory.

When I’m a mess, there’s more opportunity for His glory to shine through this worn thin clay pot. I’ll gladly forfeit the little to experience Him in the much.

I will forever adore him and give Him all of my praise whether my day is a messy wreck or not.


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Thank you… just what I need to hear… as the mess picks back up this morning. Love sharing our messiness and our Savior… even so far away. I love you.

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That is to true…the messier we are, the more He is glorified. I love it! He really does turn the bad into good by bringing us closer to Him. I was just recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease and through the 9 months of treatment, I have NEVER been so close to Him. Although this disease is terrible and not fun, I have been blessed that God has revealed so much to me during this time. Thanks for sharing! Be blessed 🙂
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Oh can’t life just be more than we bargained for sometimes…so mundane, where we feel like we’re missing IT?! All you can do is cry out to Him, beg Him to remind you why you’re here in the first place, and then carry on in the grace He provides each day, minute by minute 🙂
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