Junk In My Trunk

I corner my neighborhood street the day after Labor Day. I notice my neighbors’ empty trash cans hugging the curb. My stomach twists, “I forgot to roll out the trash!” 

The same trash heaping over the sides fuming like a mad man in my garage. The kind where the top won’t close over reeking stench from last week’s taco night. 

Seemingly, the situation ignites my inner volcano. It’s like a great yawp coming from the lava within me that exclaims, “I’m not in control and I don’t like it!” I shrug my shoulders deeply. I fold worn-out arms across my chest as wagons of health code violations circle around my heart. 

But, wait! 

Vroom, clank, clunk… 

I hear the garbage truck a few streets over. I expeditiously load my trash with pure adrenaline and cat-like reflexes. The only thing left in my driveway ~ black skid marks from a mama high-tailing it with a bunch of junk in her trunk! 

I pull alongside the bright green truck. “Please take my trash!” I implore. Towering over the dump on wheels, the precious man dismounts and nods in the affirmative. I drive home with a smile ~ problem solved/catastrophe diverted. 

Oddly, I’m reminded of the old cliché from early computer days ~ GIGO: garbage in/ garbage out. Crazy enough, it’s relevant. If we put bad data into our computers, we will get bad results out. If we put mental garbage into our minds, we will get garbage out in our lives. 

Proverbs 15:14: “A wise person is hungry for knowledge, while the fool feeds on trash.” 

The Bible tells us to fill our minds with the right things, good things. If we want to be fruitful in the Christian life and in ministry, we must fix our minds on God-honoring things.

Like the garbage in my trash can, the mental garbage we inhale begins fresh and enticing. However, the longer it hangs around the more toxic it becomes. Mold congests our spirit when left in the garage of our hearts too long. Then we find ourselves with more junk than we know what to do with. Until one day we find ourselves stuffing junk in our trunk doing whatever it takes to rid ourselves of it. 

My sweet sisters, if we don’t take out the garbage of sin on a daily basis (if we forget to set out the trash) it piles up. It begins to stink. The foul aroma can seep into our hearts and pollute our homes.   

So if I want my can emptied, I’ll roll it to the curb every Tuesday. If I want my heart full, cleansed, I’ll confess to God and put out my garbage on a daily basis. When I do this, I won’t have to worry about rubbernecking neighbors wondering what in the world is all that junk in my trunk!



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This is great “trashy” encouragement! It’s so true, I begin to stink terribly when sin piles up in my heart. On Sunday our pastor said… “reflect, repent and resolve.” He was talking about relationships, but it’s also true with any sin… we need to act quickly, repent, seek forgiveness and resolve any sin that enters into our lives. Take out the trash… amen, great message! Love you!

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Love this analogy-taking out the trash. God and Jesus’ work on the cross can be our daily, and our minute-by-minute trash-men when we need them and when we call on them! Learning to turn sooner instead of trying harder….love you!

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