Me Time

The day begins as most others do. I tend to unclean dishes floating in a moat from last night. I sweep remnants of dog hair my steam mop left behind. I microwave frozen pancakes, button shirts, tie three pony tails, and we’re off the school. 

I give a kiss and wave goodbye over a herd of new shoes and backpacks. I hop behind the wheel ~ destination Wal-Mart. Every mama knows even a trip to Wal-Mart is enjoyable when your alone

After standing in the checkout line for thirty minutes, my buggy and I bounce across a busy parking lot. I wiggle back into the driver’s seat only to discover the crushed Goldfish I’d been sitting on the whole time. I let out a sigh, roll my eyes, brush off my back side, and keep on going. 

On the way home, I turn up my country music to a maximum decibel. The base bumps and my groceries thump. I can barely hear my phone ring over the jiggling plastic bags and 2 liter Cokes rolling around. The voice on the other end announces, “I’m sick. Can you take me to the emergency room?” 

Oh, how I enjoyed “me-time,” even though brief. I think, “I only have one hour left before high-tailing it back to school to pick up my Kindergartener.” I say yes anyway. 

I sometimes get caught up in “I deserve this moment.” Don’t you? 

There are times I think I should be able to enjoy a mundane grocery thumping morning without interruption. Times I should be able to relax, put my feet up instead of helping one more person. After a long day of driving and homework, shouldn’t I be able to sit down without underwear to fold or a nose to wipe? 

The truth is that these “I deserve this moment” thoughts aren’t scriptural. No where in the Bible does it say I deserve a reward here on earth. Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.” The verse doesn’t end with after you do this hard work you deserve a spa day and some “me time.” It does end with, …since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.” 

I drive downtown to pick up my sick friend. She and her little girl wait in the scorching heat. They wait for a ride. They wait for mercy. They wait for help and help finds them. 

I’m amazed at the things God can accomplish in and through me when I am obedient to his command to stop and love people. For me it’s about the stopping. It’s about pushing the brake on my day so I’ll notice. I’ll notice the person in need, the one God places in front of me. 

That hot day, I only wanted to do mundane mama things and go home. But I paused in the rush because my heart told me to.

I only provided a ride to the emergency room. I only gave her little girl a Capri Sun and a snack pack. But Jesus gave her hope. Hope that he sees her hurt, understands her pain… even if he has to use an over-extended, wild-eyed mama like me to show her.


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Yes, love to Walmart shop… alone! What a blessing you are to them! I love that verse in Colossians… I repeat it often to myself and my children. Love you!!!

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“It’s about pushing the brake on my day so I’ll notice.” Well said! That’s what we need to do!
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