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Hello dear sisters, 

My husband is out of town for business this week and that means that things at the Avery house are slightly upside down.

I don’t sleep great while he’s gone. My fears do get the best of me in the darkness.

When he is away for three or more days like this each of my little darlings gets to take a turn sleeping with me and they are just so very smothering  cuddly… really I do love it!

The TV stays on at night… even if it’s turned way down.. it stays on for comfort. I wake up every hour at least and well, then as a result I sleep late in the morning.

School barely gets done and sadly the house just falls apart at the seams. I thought about posting a picture of our den to show you, but quickly decided that the one above would do just fine!

Thankfully, my husband gets home tonight and in time for dinner and I’m so glad! I’m making one of his favorites: Green Curry Chicken. 

On top of it all his parents are coming on Friday to visit, which is absolutely a wonderful thing, it just means that I have to get it into gear, like now.

So, in light of my needing to get our upside down-ness back into upside right-ness I am sharing a couple of posts that really blessed my heart this week. Maybe there is something here just for you too…

When You’ve Lost respect for Your Husband by Joelene Engle

25 Ways to Communicate Respect by Jennifer Flanders

When You’ve been Waiting for an Answer… and Life Seems Quiet by Ann Voskamp

and just today… The Battle Against Lies by Christina Fox.

Praying one or all of these offers the Lord’s greatest encouragement to you!

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!




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I know what you mean by life turning upside down. It happens to us too when my husband is gone. And you are sweet to recommend my post. Humbled that my words were in some way beneficial. Blessings!

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Glad he will be back tonight!:) He is probably already there now…that two hour time difference kills me!! Sugglin’ is good but yes it can be smothering when mama is onn”touch-overload”! I love the photo! I feel like that about 5pm everyday!!:) Love ya:) Thanks for the links, I plan on reading them all!

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So glad your husband is coming home tonight! I am the same way when my husband is gone. Thankfully, that’s not a regular thing! Hoping you have a great and restful night of sleep tonight! 🙂

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Hi Heidi – I read some of those posts and they are great encouragement. Good luck with getting the house in order 🙂
God bless
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Oh my goodness, you sound JUST like me from years ago. My husband has always traveled (in fact, he’s gone this week, too). I’m used to it now, but I remember it being exactly as you described when my kids were younger, and always right before and in-law visit, LOL! So glad he’s on his way home! I’m sure he’ll be glad to be back, too!!!

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Hi Heidi,
Thank you for the sweet mention! So blessed to hear what I wrote ministered to you! My man has been gone for a few nights as well but he’ll be back tonight! Can’t wait to see him but I know how you feel! 🙂
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