Counting My Blessings

For some reason I frequently need the reminder that’s packed in this little poem.

I tend to follow the feelings of my natural self and fall into each and every one of the negatives listed above. This discourages me.  And while I’d rather not go there at all… I am noticing that the time it takes for me to get back over to the positive side… the counting my blessings side… is decreasing.

Praising Him for this and reflecting on His many gifts to me…

visit from sister-in-law and nephew

upcoming visit from husband’s parents

upcoming cruise with family

discovering wisdom in His Word

when littlest darling prays and says… “I feel like I’m going to burst with joy”

the way oldest darling comes up behind me and gives me squeeze hugs for no reason at all

mr. man’s sweet little kiss on my cheek in the morning while I sleep… he’s my early riser

cooler days

friendship that just sweetens over the miles

healthy and delicious recipes from

new workout/running shoes

a phone call from an old friend

husband who desires to lead and love us with God as his guide

giving up my worries and feeling His peace

Praying that today you find yourself counting the sweet blessings in your life too!


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Precious blessings, for sure, Heidi. LOVE this: “when littlest darling prays and says… “I feel like I’m going to burst with joy”
We DO have so much to be thankful for!

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This is a wonderful post! I, too, need to be reminded of my blessings, from time to time. I believe that our society feeds-on the negativity in the world and that we can be pulled into this tide of hopelessness, when we are not focused on Our Father and His Word. Any time I am feeling out-of-sorts or put-upon, I remember that my Father loves me and there can be no greater joy than being loved by Him. I will place the beautiful poem, above, on a few bookmarks and coasters and place them in my shop, as we all need to remember to count our blessings. ~Cynthia
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I love your list! It saddens me that I have to actually be intentional about counting my blessings. But when I do, it humbles me and directs my eyes above…where they belong:) Even though it’s hard right now, your display of blessings brings hope and courage! Love you

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