Boo- Boos and Band-Aids

Last month, I took in two precious girls who were homeless. After a week and a half of treating them as my own, they returned to their family. I wrestled with the question, how do you raise a child as your own and then say good-bye? I guess because you know God ordained their family to be another. But somehow that doesn’t make it any easier.

A few days ago I pick up the girls again. Only this time, it’s just for an overnight pajama party. The five play outside on swings. One of the girls scrapes her leg on the slide. She comes running in with bubbly tears flopping over her face.

“I have a boo-boo, will you fix it?”

As I wash the gash and cover it with a pink-neon band-aid she looks at me and says, “I knew you would come. I knew you would fix me.” I cup my hands around her five year old face and reply, “Jesus loves you. You’re His girl. He will always come. He will always be there to help.”

I wish she had said “thank you.” But as I look into her blue eyes I know why she didn’t: because she expected me to make it all better. She knew I would stick a bandage over the mess and everything would be okay. Her trust is much better than a thank you.

I constantly see these children’s blind faith~ faith they will be taking care of, faith there will be Neosporin and band-aids in the cabinet. This blind faith makes me long for my faith in the Lord to be so trusting.

He will come. I am waiting for him.

He will take care of me. My expectation is in Him.

He will bandage my wounds, bind my broken heart, and bring medicine or whatever else is needed.

I take the girls home the following day…back to the dirty one room motel where they stay. I sense God in the midst of crying, sweat, and chaos. He’s tapping on my heart, reminding me of one thing. He is coming to take the pain away, to mend the wounds, to cup our faces into his hands and whisper, “I am always here, I am here with you now.” These children with no clothes, no food will be scooped into His everlasting arms and told they are His, and that’s all that matters.

As I watch the girls skip across the sizzling parking lot I know.

These are the least of these,

They are God’s heart,

They are God’s children,

And he is coming for them and for us.


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Beautiful, Kelli. Love our Healer!
Eileen recently posted..Lessons From a Wounded FingerMy Profile

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This blog has blown me away! The image of Jesus cupping my face in His hands has brought me to tears. Our great God is not only a band-aid fix, he is the CURE to all of our weakness and sin! Love you!

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So grateful for this Truth!

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Kelli, what an incredible gift you are giving these two little girls. Thankful for you!
Shannon Milholland recently posted..Coffee Shop FaithMy Profile

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