Donations, Disciples, and a Giveaway

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“Every element of self reliance must be slain by the power of God. Complete weakness and dependence will always be the occasion for the Spirit of God to manifest his power,”

~ Oswald Chambers. 

I wiggle into the safety of my covers. I sense my own failure to recognize Jesus in the small. I notice now and then but sometimes it eludes me like forgotten items on my grocery list.  I get so busy recounting my losses, then determining “to do” better, that I miss His capability inside me. I don’t allow His power to manifest.

 I settle. 

I slosh about in a pool of my own limitations.

 An idea, an answer jerks me awake. Like a flame from a burning question suddenly extinguishes.

 The answer: sometimes I am tempted to do everything but make disciples. I’m tempted to put on a great conference for other Christian women. I’m tempted to deliver groceries to those in need. I’m tempted by millions of lukewarm ideas all the while side-stepping what God intends for me (us) to do ~ to take the Gospel to as many people as possible. 

A few days later I unload the dishwasher. As steam billows from the machine I wonder, “How will we pull this off?” Will we have the necessary donations to take groceries to people at the Castaway Motel on Wednesday? If not, we may have to hang this thing up. I feel like slapping my own wrist as I pen this sentence. As if the Gospel is or will ever be dependent on groceries?

This Gospel is perfect. 

It stands on its own. 

It doesn’t tuck itself neatly inside a brown paper bag alongside meat and potatoes. 

It doesn’t need groceries, clothing, medical supplies, or legal advice to change a heart. 

My lesson hidden in between is this: spreading the Gospel doesn’t require a lot of money, a fancy building, mass donations, or an abundance of bread and milk; it requires a heart willing to impact the world for the glory of Christ. 


 My sweet sisters and I don’t need any other reason to high-tail-it down to the Castaway Motel other than sharing Christ with our neighbors. Sharing the life, death, and resurrection of my Jesus to save sinners from the wrath of a Holy God is enough. 

Don’t you think? 

Sure, the residents may be disappointed with our message of repent and believe as opposed to a Wal-Mart bag of goodies, but they’ll get over it once they’ve found eternity. 

Whenever I’m tempted to mistake His capability inside me, I must remind myself of one thing. When mouths are open and Gospel comes out, divine power comes out too. The Word gives life and makes people new. 

My confidence, your confidence doesn’t come from serving a spaghetti dinner, it doesn’t come from providing second hand clothes…. It comes from the Gospel all by itself. Have confidence in that. Trust it. Share it. The possibilities are endless. 


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You are absolutely correct! Nothing is more powerful than the name of JESUS! When those that are searching hear His name and truly believe, then nothing else matters (like a bag of walmart groceries).
Sorry, I am missing out in serving with you all today and tomorrow but please know that I am praying. Praying for divine appointments and open ears. Love y’all! -Ev

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The Gospel is all we need! Amen!
Jenifer recently posted..I Want To Be Aaron And HurMy Profile

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I love that you are choosing to rest in Christ. It is so natural for us to rely on only ourselves. Fighting that instinct is a daily, minute by minute battle.
I will pray that hearts will be softened in preparation for hearing Christ’s word and that the Holy Spirit would speak freely through your mouths so that precious souls may be saved.

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Kelli, I was stressing about not being able to donate as much food this week. But you are so right, the Only thing that matters is taking Jesus. He has gone before us and will supply all of our needs just as He does each time we go.I love this ministry and serving with you and this wonderful group of women. I am always excited to see what God has in store for us when we get down to the Castaway.

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Kelli, You are so right!! The gospel in it self is enough, more than enough. I am so challenged by what you have written, because it is so easy to hand over a bag of groceries with a smile and prayer, leavig things at that. It is so much more difficult to engage in conversation and challenge people (in a nice way) with the truth of Christ. Thank you for sharing!

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I love Oswald Chamber’s reminder—Our weakness = God’s power! I can’t be told that one enough! God’s gospel doesn’t need to be packaged perfectly to be perfectly powerful!

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Amen, us equipped with the gospel is all He needs to work in the hearts of others! Their hearing is up to Him anyway. Love you!

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