Parking Lot Mayhem

The day begins like any other.

Everything seems hunky dory.

We hustle to the eye doctor in a flurry of excitement.

Savanna, my 9 year old, gets new glasses today. Giggling with emotion, she wiggles new spectacles over her freckled nose as we walk to the parking lot. I wrestle the kids in the car and hop behind the wheel. Suddenly, I notice another vehicle pulling alongside in very close proximity. I look on as an SUV clips my mirror forcing it backwards.

Clickety, clank, clunk.

I shake my head in disbelief.

Her gears begin to shift again and oh, no she didn’t!

She backs up for a second assault. I quickly jerk out of the compromised spot. I pull over to inspect the damage. As my fingers glide over crinkled finish, the 60 something year old male passenger swiftly jumps out of the too-big-for-that-spot car.

“Is your little mirror okay?” the smug man jeers.

“Y’all need to be more careful,” I retort.

The man bolts across the parking lot like a steamroller. He breathes right in my face, we’re nose to nose. His unfiltered words fling into air like mud slapping against a wall. My three girls gasp in horror from the backseat.

I pause for a dramatic effect before addressing the situation. I suck in a breath and with a flare of southern charm I respond, “Sir, you’d better get up out of my face before I smack you upside the head!”

Of course he did what any respectable man would… he backed off and high-tailed it into the doctor’s office.

Still fuming, I drive away.

Remember when Jesus took Peter, James, and John up to the mountain and was transfigured before them? Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good for us to be here. If you wish, I will put up three shelters—one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah, (see Matthew 17:1-6).” Then a bright cloud covered them and echoed these words, “Be quiet and listen.”

We are all like Peter. Our mouths get us into trouble. We assume words are better than silence. We sometimes engage in confrontation when perhaps we should walk away. We think we know what’s best in the moment. We come up with our own agenda and move on it without consulting God first. Then our clamoring noise is hushed by the thunderous voice of God, “Be quiet and listen.”

A few minutes later, I pull into the driveway. I think, “On a day where everything seems to go wrong… I will find joy in Him. When injustices occur, and they do, I will find joy in Him. When a grumpy man lashes out for no good reason in the eye doctor parking lot, I will find joy in Him.


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Great post Kelli…we just never know how our days going to go do we?
Desiray recently posted..Random thoughtsMy Profile

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This story cracks me up because I don’t have to try very hard to picture the whole thing:) But, your godly perspective is right on! We all respond in the flesh at times, but God is there to teach us just as much in those moments too. Love you!!

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Oh my goodness – this did NOT just happen to you! How frustrating! I’m so glad there wasn’t more damage to your car or to you and the girls.
It’s easy for me to morph into something I’m not when I get behind the wheel and deal with frustrating drivers who should NOT be on the road. But I think to myself, don’t be a hypocrite, Deb. Not only does my license plate say WRTN4HM, but I’m supposed to live it out in EVERY situation. ONLY by the grace of God.
Debbie Dillon recently posted..Just Thinkin’ AheadMy Profile

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Did you really say that? That is too funny! You were pretty calm all things considering. I feel you! It could have been much worse.

My mother-in-law saw this blog post on my facebook page and loved it, she’s in Indiana!

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Oh my goodness Kelli! Sorry that happened to you. I’ve had a lot of days like this lately. I rest in the JOY Jesus gives.
Jenifer recently posted..Word Filled WednesdayMy Profile

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@Heidi – Your Comments

Oh my goodness, Kelli, I’m with Heidi! I was picturing this scene in my head. We lash out before we think sometimes.
Eileen recently posted..Leaving Footprints Over Here Today!My Profile

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