Come Just Like That!



The day plays out like it has so many times before. 

There’s a void, a need that cries for a fill. 

The kids are tucked behind wooden school desks and she decides to go. She travels downtown to deliver a special gift. A little red Bible she’d picked up for an elderly woman who once said, “I need Jesus.” 

As the tires of her mini-van roll into the old motel parking lot, she sees people sitting and talking about nothing in particular. Sweaty palms clutch the bonded leather Bible as courage carries her towards the door. The rickety door swings open. Her gift is given, a prayer is prayed, and an invitation is extended to the lady known as Ms. Betty… an invitation to church this Sunday. 

The aroma of her words float through the air, “Please come with me Ms. Betty.” 

Peeking over cracked glasses and a clearing of her throat, Ms. Betty responds with a question. What will I wear?” 

“Come just like that!” my friend exclaims. 

I am suddenly reminded of a lesson Jesus taught Peter following the resurrection. Three different times he said, Peter if you love me, you will care about what I care about. That’s how I’ll know you love me. Feed my lambs. Feeding my lambs isn’t an option, Peter. It’s a requirement for those who call me Lord. 

Jesus is talking about people and their need to be fed. He’s talking about giving ourselves to the needs and nourishment of people. We must remember that when Christ came he was passionately addicted to one thing: people. Sinful, sick, sorrowful people who came to him just as they were–“Just like that!” 

I imagine Jesus refreshing Peter’s memory a bit. Do you see me spending time with religious folks in the Synagogues? Do you see me healing those who are well? No, the sheep that need to be fed are the marginalized, the crippled, the poor, the oppressed, and disadvantaged. They are the people who don’t fake it, those who aren’t casual about me, those who don’t get caught up in themselves…but those who get caught up in me. 

We can’t change the world, Jesus will do that. We can, however, change the world for one person one day at a time. We can remind the lambs that Jesus wants people to come to him, “Just like that!”

**Ms. Betty did attend church today with the little red Bible given to her by Melissa. She is now an honorary member of Mothers On Mission:)


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That is just awesome! I just knew it had to be Melissa:) Our sweet little evangelist! Rejoicing over her brave and pure heart for God… Melissa’s and Ms Betty’s too! Beautifully written my lovely friend!

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Just beautiful!
Eileen recently posted..Can You Help?My Profile

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“Come just like that.” That really is all God requires. It doesn’t really matter what we look like or what we have done that ends up being important…only that we come. What a great reminder!

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Oh, girl you gave me chills with this one! What an amazing ministry God has given you. Thank you for saying YES to Jesus to be used of Him in such a huge way. Beautiful post written from a beautiful heart.
Debbie Dillon recently posted..Just Thinkin’ AheadMy Profile

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Great post! Feed the people for there are plenty that needs to eat
Desiray recently posted..Blessings of God is more than you think!My Profile

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