A Picture of Pride

I believe that pride is at the root of all sin.

It morphs itself into anything that might grasp at our attention. Anything that might convince us of a better way other than THE way.

Pride wants to exalt us.

It mysteriously seeps into our hearts and minds and coaxes us into thinking we deserve better. Better treatment. Better position. Better marriage. Better life.

But, better than what? Better than God provides? Yes. Better than the Master Himself has given.

In my daily life pride manifests itself in my marriage.

In those silly arguments that in the moment seem so important, but after are so completely insignificant.

A picture of pride…

That moment when your Spirit stirs violent and trapped within your chest…  anxious to confess or apologize, but instead you, in your flesh bite hard at your lip, arms crossed, hold tight to your position. To the lie that pride instantly concocts on your behalf.  Or so it seems.

In that moment you can conquer pride. But you choose not to. And at the end of it you are left without the promise of what pride offers, but instead with an aching Spirit within… one that promises you peace, but in this case fills you with conviction.

It’s not a pretty picture. And I’ve said it before…

The silent sting of conviction, it’s my bitter/sweet addiction.

The sweet of it is the offering of a second chance. The way God always does. But, the bitter of it, aside from going against the pull of the Spirit, is that it requires a mustering up of even more humility than it would have had we just done the right thing from the start.

To temper the burning sting of conviction we must humble ourselves and confess to God. We must quickly return to the scene of the sin, recount our wrong-doing, apologize and seek forgiveness.

It hurts, but it beats pride up black and blue. And in the end you get restoration. You get to exalt Jesus. You get that peace that the Spirit promised from the start. And it feels great.

Care to take a swing at pride with me today?

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Yes that is convicting. I know when pride takes over, there’s no room for the Spirit. When David and I have a love spat, I know what I’m saying is prideful sometimes, poor choice of words…but it feels good sometimes. Sadly. But you’re so right, we have to humble ourselves even more when we seek forgiveness for our prideful tantrum. Great reminder not to do this, but to produce fruit the first time around:) Love ya

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I take a swing with you on pride sis..God hates it and so do I..let’s fight this pride thing and get it our of our lives and stop it from creeping up at times…
Desiray recently posted..My JerusalemMy Profile

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Hi Heidi – such a truth. Its always pride getting us into trouble and it is disguised in many shapes and forms. Glad you tackled this one today
God bless
Tracy recently posted..Things going Well?My Profile

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“You get to exalt Jesus.” oh, if that doesn’t make it worth it, I don’t know what does!

God’s been really talking to me about pride lately. And has been using posts like yours to do it. I needed to read this, thank you.

wanna know a secret? I didn’t know I was a prideful person…not really…until He pulled out a mirror. And oh my goodness.

That’s the thing about pride…it’s camouflages itself well and can even look like humility at times. (I read a powerful post about that recently–let me know if you want the link. I won’t leave it here because I don’t want to seem spamy!)

Striving with you…to bend low and humbly give all to Him.
Nikki recently posted..Discovering WorshipMy Profile

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I’m right there with you taking a swing at pride everyday! I pray that it always takes a back seat in my life! Thank you for sharing and for linking up.


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