Sloppy Joe and VBS

Last week Vacation Bible School exploded at our church. I guess I didn’t think I had enough crazy in my life so I volunteered to be responsible for ten VBS-ers.

Mothers On Mission ministers to a family who by law is considered homeless. I decide to transport four of the children to and from VBS. At least they’d have a roof over their head, a good lunch, and time away from drug use all around them.

I tell you this story humbly as God revealed so many things this past week that took my breath away. I’d like to share the experience with you. I pray you’ll gain encouragement from my short comings, how God used my weakness as a platform for his strength.

My journal entry:

June 27, 2012

 This week is aggravating. I want to slap that Sloppy Joe right out of their little hands and chuck it across the room. But I’ll slap a smile on instead. Driving to and from the slum of downtown each morning is emotional, physically exhausting. I never know exactly where I’ll drop them off. Where will their home be tonight, I wonder? But instead of seeing my driving back and forth routine as an aggravation or inconvenience, I begin to see it as a reminder to draw near to God. I can’t do this without fellowship with Christ. I get up and the Word is oxygen, I can’t breathe without it. I make it until bedtime but I thirst for Christ like crazy, the day drains me. I’ve made a mess, maybe even rushed into this a little. What I’m doing is inconvenient, costly, stretching…but it’s worth it because these are God’s children, and He wants them to know Him.

 After Jesus had risen, he appears to his disciples while they fished. Peter sees Jesus walking along the shore. Filled with anticipation, Peter jumps out of the boat and begins swimming to Jesus. Needless to say the boat probably got to shore before Peter did. I feel like Peter sometimes. I jump excitedly into things, get in over my head, and then stand there sopping wet at the feet of my Lord smiling up at Him stupidly. I don’t always think things through. Then I end up doing them the long way. Every time I do this, Jesus doesn’t rebuke me. Instead he welcomes my soaking wet self into his arms happy to see me, in spite of myself.

~ End of Entry

We serve a God who used Moses, a murder, to part the Red Sea; a God who let Peter, who would deny him, walk on water; a God who looks at me and you in our fallen weakness and says, “Y’all can do the impossible because I am here.” Oh yes in the Southern Baptist world Jesus uses “y’all.” (smile)

You, my sweet sister, can do the impossible too (today and everyday) because the sweetest name we know is constantly and ever-presently with you and with me.


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God bless you for stepping out in faith for this ministry, Kelli {{{hugs}}} You are blessing to so many. I’m sure you’re making more of a difference in their lives than you realize 🙂
Debbie Dillon recently posted..The Jul/Aug issue is HERE!My Profile

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I love your beautiful heart… the way you struggle and survive only by His overwhelming presence in your life. Amen… as Debbie said, you are a blessing to many and I’m so grateful to be counted among those blessed! Love you!!!

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Oh the power of his presence! I have no doubt your sacrifice of love and time made a big investment in this family. Whatever you do for the least of these…
Shannon Milholland recently posted..How Big is Your Problem?My Profile

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I love your idea of your time with Him like oxygen-sometimes life is draining and He is the only one to fill us up. You are a witness to me to stretch myself to glorify God! Praise God for your work in this family!

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Thank you for your brutal honesty….wanting to slap that sloppy joe right out of their hands but instead you slap a smile on your face. You do a beautiful job of showing your human flesh! And how God gives you exactly what you need to make it through because you keep coming back to the well. It is so cool to watch Christ working straight through you! Praying for wisdom for you!

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