I’m Not Ready Yet

Yesterday afternoon, we hop in the car and begin a slow decent down the street.  I gaze out my window at the landscape of suburbia when my husband presses the brakes. He snaps his head around and says, “Why do you only have one shoe on, baby girl?” Even though the kids spent inordinate amounts of time “getting ready,” Scarlett still managed to forget her shoes.

“I just wasn’t ready yet,” she explains with a shoulder shrug.

I’m reminded of the times I’ve told Jesus, “I’m not ready yet.”

Do you have those moments?

I’m not ready to kneel at your feet, I’m unworthy.

I’m not ready to do what is required, I’m not qualified.

I’m not ready to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, I’m scared.

But you know something?

God doesn’t mind if we’re not ready yet. He doesn’t mind the wretched condition of our heart, the stench of our sin. He’s much bigger than that.

God’s time is now and he enters into our messy-mama-carpool line, ready or not.

Now is where he calls us.

But we still manage to invent mushroom-like excuses, don’t we?

Some days we may feel sloppy and stoppable, unqualified and incapable ~ not ready for our God-given assignment. We say, “God, I’ll be ready to go but first I must clean the house, find that matching sock, plunge the toilet, pray a little more, seek more counsel.

But God says, “I’m here now, and I’m okay with the mess because I’m here for the messy, the unorganized, the weak.”

I remember when I wasn’t ready to start a ministry. I remember when I wasn’t ready to teach a Bible Study. I remember when I wasn’t ready to take the Gospel into unsafe places. I remember when the fear of being persecuted stopped me. I remember being afraid to enter homes in a slum community; a community that is now home to many friends.

But with a tear stained face and both shoes on, I can humbly tell you this. Not for one second was I as ready as I wanted to be. I may not have always been ready for God, but He’s always been ready for me.

I don’t know what the future holds for us Jesus girls, but I do know that he doesn’t need us to be ready for any of it, because He is ready.

And that’s enough.


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Amen! And, I’m glad He doesn’t wait until I’m ready, because the time would never be right. We are never ready to give-up our comfort-zones and follow Him into unknown territory. Although our hearts may be ready, our flesh says, “be careful…what are you thinking…is this God’s idea or yours…?” So, every day, I try to to keep His Word and His Light in the forefront of my mind and heart. I don’t look for ways to serve, as He puts them in my lap. Now, the decision becomes mine: Will I serve or will I stay in my comfort zone? I’ve learned to serve, most times, but there are times that I pull-back. And, when I repent, He places the opprtunity in my lap, again. Time to serve! What a beautiful Lord and Savior we have! Blessings to all of you!
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I love being reminded it is not about me, it is all about God! and thank God for that! Thanks Kelli!

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What a great message and a perfect analogy! Love ya<3
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I like your post. I think if we were ready and able to do everything God called for us to do – there would be no room to lean on Him. 🙂
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