Understanding Ownership

The issue of ownership is filling the space in my mind.

We left our home in Reno nearly two weeks ago… the one we own and are trying to sell. And we arrived here at this home in Decatur, Alabama just four days ago. It is a beautiful home and some really wonderful people worked very hard to create this lovely space for us to live. I absolutely love it.

But… it’s not really ours.

Ah, it’s a strange struggle that I did not plan for before we arrived. Oh, and I planned for every-thing before we arrived.

But God.

He does that you know… surprises you with little mental detours… established specifically for our unexpected, yet completely advantageous growth. I love that about Him.

So, what is it He’s showing me?

Ownership is a bit of a deception.

When we “own” something we’ve taken the rights to it and grasped a hold of it proudly as OUR personal property. We puff up with the knowledge that it belongs just to us and no one else. While we do try hard not to rip it from the hands of the giver and claim it for ourselves… we seem to steal away with it none-the-less.

When the paper lists our names as sole owner we readily accept it and we revel in the sweet sense of security it offers us. False security- as it certainly is.

But, today I’m remembering who the great and generous Giver is: “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17

That speaks nothing of personal ownership that I can see. In fact, my eyes are opened that the idea of it is a lot more like the “shifting shadows” because it can change in an instant.

However, that verse does speak clearly of our true security in the “Father of the heavenly lights”. This kind of security offers provision in all things… beyond the paper that says… this thing (whatever it is) belongs just to me.

So, the issue of ownership is less of an issue and more of an understanding. One that I am only learning. The ownership we need to focus on is HIS ownership over us. That’s where we are safe. That’s where we are free to roam.

And that’s what is filling the space in my mind.


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LOVE this, Heidi! God owns it all, we are just called to be stewards.
Jenifer recently posted..Word Filled WednesdayMy Profile

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You’re so right, Heidi. “We puff up with the knowledge that it belongs just to us and no one else.” It’s ALL His.
Thank you for this – definitely something I need to remember 🙂
Love you I’m so glad you’re happy in your new home. It looks beautiful!
Debbie Dillon recently posted..Love, MomMy Profile

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Everything we have is His, and I know that sometimes I momentarily forget this truth. I hope your transition is going great. It is awesome how you accept the surprise detours with such grace! Many blessings to you!
BelovedBomber recently posted..Growing PainsMy Profile

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What a great truth God is teaching you in this journey and now to pass it on to me! Thank you and God bless your transition and your family! Losing faith in the American dream, right along with you!

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This is a great reminder that we really don’t “own” anything…it’s all poured out blessing from an almighty God. What a great attitude to have in the midst of a potential emotional melt-down. See, God is already teaching you stuff in Alabama.:))) I love when you said, “The ownership we need to focus on is HIS ownership over us.” So true! Miss you sweet friend!!

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