Mortified On Mama’s Day…

Can I tell you something just between us?

This Mother’s Day seemed extra special.

In fact, things were going quite well.

I looked out the window to find my man engaged in much needed brow-wiping manual labor. He wrestled man-eating weeds. He planted sprays of floral delight. He even carried a toolbox around fixing stuff. A Home-Depot man so to speak.

The awe of this moment etched a blissful memory across my heart. Suddenly, a not so blissful reality strutted across the lawn. The “big man on campus,” our yellow lab, plopped a few earthly treasures on the newly planted sod. I guess the Spirit just moved, huh? It’s too bad the Spirit couldn’t have led him to the dirt patch, where he’s supposed to go.

Anyway and about that time the phone rang.

I heard the complaints of my very concerned neighbor. Apparently, my southern belles were at her house sharing the biblical terminology for a donkey (a**) with her two and three year olds. Yes ma’am. Not just sharing but helping those sweet thangs pronounce it just right. How thoughtful of them, right?

Ahem and heavy on the sarcasm. So much for trying to keep their fellow toddler from stumbling (see 1 Cor. 8:13).

I think of how the day began. The laminated church photos and hand-made cards that read, “Mama you’re the purple-est.” Then by mid-afternoon, the day suddenly swirled out of control like water in a toilet bowl.

Jeremiah 31:2-3 says,Thus says the LORD: “The people who survived the sword (or the wooden spoon in this case) found grace in the wilderness (in the confines of their bedroom); when Israel sought for rest (when folks calmed down and fessed up), the LORD appeared to him from far away. I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.”

After the fog of embarrassment and anger lifted, I began to think of one word: grace. Grace means to get something you don’t deserve. I’m not gonna lie y’all~ they did get the appropriate discipline; however God who disciplines is also abundant in grace.

Maybe mine needed a little grace too.

I felt God nudge me in a one-on-one special kind of way. He said things like, “This is what I do for you; correct you when necessary; scold you when you’re wrong; mold you so you’ll learn; allow the desert so you’ll thirst.


Because I love you~ and that’s what a good and just Heavenly daddy does.

… and that’s what a good and just mama does too.


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Hi Kelli – I loved this. So much action going on. Great way to end though, GRACE! Always the best route.
God bless
Tracy recently posted..Revenge?My Profile

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I love the fact that you shared your Mother’s day with us and so often we think what our spouses should do for us or what our children should do on this day. As my mother taught is if you treat them like the Mother everyday then when Mother’s Day comes around on the calendar then you don’t have to frazzle yourself out over what to do…

Glad your Mother’s Day was Great!
Desiray recently posted..Psalm 62:5…Find rest, O my SoulMy Profile

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Oh my goodness, what a twist on a beautiful moment! But I do love the way you handled it.
GRACE is such a beautiful word 🙂
Thanks for sharing with us!
Love you,

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Oh my! I experienced all the emotions with you as I read and you handled it beautifully. Your Mother’s Day ended in you being just the mama that He intended. I love you!
Heidi recently posted..Mortified On Mama’s Day…My Profile

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Kelli thank you so much for sharing a beautiful writing. Blessings.

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Love your consistent discipline-shows you really love these girls! Grace is the best present ever–the best present we can receive and the present we can give to others, right?

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