Imperfect Faith

Faith. It doesn’t always play out perfectly.

No, it does not always come with the greatest of ease… rather more often it erupts out of missteps and stumbling.

I’m really good at missteps and stumbling.

Some of you know that we are moving in less than a month now. Our house is on the market and I am managing piles of what to sell, what to give and what to pack. Boxes are lining the walls and filling the garage. All the while homeschooling still goes on.

My life is upside down. I have so much twirling around on that plate above my head that it just may come crashing down at any moment.

The last four months slipped away in a speeding landslide. I really don’t see it letting up either. Before we know it we’ll pull up to our new chapter in life in Decatur, Alabama and settle in.

I have no idea what awaits us there. What I do know is that it is all in the plan… whether the plate stays up or falls to the ground… it’s in His plan.

I have Faith. It’s a bit imperfect though. I still don’t know what the future holds. I do have worried thoughts. And doubts do creep into the quiet of my mind. But, it’s okay because…

If Faith were perfect we would not fall to our knees and beg it so to increase.

So often I misstep in my faith and stumble right into the shoes of the boy’s father in Mark 9-24 and cry out… “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief!”

Trust issues surface. The question of who’s really in control here bubbles up from within. And my imperfect Faith grows and carries me a little further.

I breath a slow, confident smile of relief, because: A little doubt… a little wavering under His mighty direction will absolutely crash hard into moments of Full-on-Faith.

He is ever faithful to make sure I am continually faith-filled.

Imperfect Faith is the best kind of Faith because it keeps me right where I want to stay… clinging and grasping for more.

 “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…”

Hebrews 12:2a

Picking up where I left off on naming my many blessings…

239. My entire house being clean all at one time

240. Our trailer selling on craigslist

241. Spending time in Tahoe with a new friend

242. Finding new educational things for my kids to do around the house

243. Figuring out that excerise induces my asthma and how to fix that

244. My godly minded husband

245. Reading Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow again

246. Warmer weather… the grass greening and trees blooming

247. Buying summer pjs for my little darlings

248. Friends who encourage and inspire me

249. My imperfect Faith… and the One who fills me

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Heidi, moves can be scary. We have never moved far, the farthest was another city but only 30 minutes away. But moves are still scary for me. We have to have faith! I am praying for you!
Jenifer recently posted..Love Greater Than LifeMy Profile

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Hi Heidi – so good to see you posting. It must be very stressful right now for you but clinging to the Lord is the only way and soon you will look back and see how the Lord undertook along the way.
God bless and praying for you
Tracy recently posted..I have a Hope,thus – I will Wait!My Profile

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We have moved eight times in 22 years of marriage and oh, how I know the sorting, selling and packing. And having your house all clean at once is such a gift, even when you are trying to show it to potential buyers. Hope you sell it quick so you can move on. Nice to meet you through Multitudes on Mondays.
Shelly Miller recently posted..When You Forget Who You AreMy Profile

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With you on this, I pray that “help my unbelief” prayer all too often.
Court recently posted..Faded FlowersMy Profile

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“Imperfect faith is the best kind of faith because it keeps me right where I want to stay…clinging and grasping for more.” Love this. Christ was so gracious to the disciples and their “little faith” and He is gracious with us. All we need is faith the size of a mustard seed…Wonderful list! Blessings to you!
Christina recently posted..But For the Grace of GodMy Profile

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Beautiful encouragement, Heidi! Love this “it erupts out of missteps and stumbling.” He teaches us and grows us so much through the stumbles, doesnt’ He? Will be praying for you and your family.
Eileen recently posted..One-Word 365 UpdateMy Profile

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This part especially spoke to me tonight…“The question of who’s really in control here bubbles up from within. And my imperfect Faith grows and carries me a little further.”

I will be praying, too, for you and your family during this time of moving and settling in to your new home…aren’t you glad the Lord is always there beside you…and knows exactly what you need and when you need it the most!

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Love this: “Imperfect Faith is the best kind of Faith because it keeps me right where I want to stay… clinging and grasping for more.”

I know this is a really chaotic time for you and your family, but I love where your heart is. Prayers for a smooth transition.
Debbie Dillon recently posted..Rocks in the SoilMy Profile

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To me moving is truly one of the most stressful events of life. No matter how crazy my life gets though, it’s such a comfort to know He is with me in the crazy bringing comfort out of chaos.
Shannon Milholland recently posted..Finding His FavoritesMy Profile

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