Suffering Is Good

When Jesus heard this, he told them, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners,” (Mark 2:17, NLT).

I remember the buzz in my stomach, as I entered the “procedure room.” The ENT said it necessary to remove a cyst from my throat; a cyst making it difficult to breath, to eat. I scanned the room, sweaty palms and all. Everything in me screamed nerves as my eyes fixated on the shiny surgical instruments. I hesitantly situated myself in the chair as best I could. I knew it would hurt since no numbing salve could be applied to that area. In a surprise attack, the doctor zapped my throat with his scalpel. After the pain subsided, I felt immediate relief. I could breathe again. Perhaps even fancy a drive-thru burger and fries.

Since my life is an analogy, I am going to apply this crazy awful experience to suffering. My condition worsened to the point my windpipe was compromised. Even though I didn’t feel like having my throat cut that day, it was necessary, it was good. The doctor had to do something painful in order to fix the problem.

This is similar in our own lives when suffering finds us. God allows suffering in our lives because it’s good for us. It may sting. It may even be the worst pain we’ve ever known. But apart from suffering we will never know perseverance, character, and hope… the things that lead to eternal life. The Bible assures us that godliness is reserved for those going through hardship.

Just like Job, God brings purpose to our suffering. God’s purpose in the midst of suffering is to refine and renew; to keep us from pride and/or wrongdoing; and to reveal His glory. Rest assured when we experience pain, God will reveal himself. The question then will be,

“Will we look for Him beyond our circumstances?

Will we adopt the sovereign perspective of God in those moments?”

Will we allow the situation to break us or will we let God build us?

C.S. Lewis had it right: “God whispers in our pleasure, but He shouts in our pain.” Psalm 148:8 says, “stormy winds that do His bidding.” Their purpose is not to hurt you, but to heal you – not to wreck you, but to restore you. The storm isn’t to blow you away – it’s to blow you into God’s arms!

Just like my doctor’s office experience, sometimes suffering is necessary to improve the condition of our [throats] and our hearts. Even though the process is excruciatingly uncomfortable, we know God is merciful and just through it all. His purpose is set; He is in control of us and for us… and that is very good.



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GREAT post! We’ve been in some serious “character training” for quite awhile here at our house. It’s easy to wonder if God really is in control… if He really does have a plan for us. BUT, these are the very truths that bring the picture into clear focus in the midst of our seemingly endless difficult circumstances. When I remember His “sovereign perspective” I am able to breathe and let go… He gives peace. Thank you for sharing your “life analogy,” and for seeing God in the midst of your suffering… love you!

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No one enjoys suffering but it does bring about strength and maturity..As the saying goes that which doesn’t kills us makes us strong…When we suffer we see the situation and not the victory like Jesus saw the Victory..We have to change our perspective of things, don’t we…I know for me depending on the problem I will question the Lord and ask does He not see me? But even in that He still reminds me I am His child and so I must suffer to bring about patience so I lack nothing…AMEN

Great Post and it’s so nice to see you blogging again I know you have things in your life which you have to take care of and they come first but I want you and Heidi to both know I miss you both.
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Sometimes we need the suffering to get where God wants us to be. Love this reminder Kelli.
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