A Journey to Contentment

One morning after dropping the kids off at school, I have a little revelation from Jesus about myself: particularly, how I’ve conveniently forgotten to trust Him when things get tough— I don’t always accept my portion and my cup (Psalm 16:5). I cry out, “Jesus, show me how to be content; teach me how to trust.”

A litany of infractions parade in front of me. I’m flawed. I’m messy. I don’t always trust Him with things I don’t understand, with things I can’t see. Sometimes I find it hard to accept what He’s allowed in the past, what He allows today. It’s not easy giving our tomorrows to Him…completely. Are there any fellow strugglers out there?

Suddenly, the words of Christ wrap themselves around my clay-footed vulnerability: “Your weakness is the platform for My strength.”

So true.

In the refinement process, I’m learning that humility abounds within us the moment we discern: He is the Blessed Controller over all things, not us.

Waters of humility soak into us like a newly wrung-out sponge when we recite words such as these:

Though I don’t understand Your will;

Though I can’t see hope’s light glimmering ahead;

Though my faith fuel is running low…

I will exalt You. I will rejoice in You. I will yield to Your plan, Your purpose.

The key to my contentment in “all things,” is unlocked by the wild grace of God. I will allow my eyes to regain focus on a Sovereign Lord while shoving my own control-freak-agenda to the side: My focus on Him, not where I’m going.

I’m learning, “All things work together for good,” even when I can’t see how God is working, or how the pieces will fit. The Blessed Controller of my life is teaching me to cling like crazy to joy at its best [especially] when circumstances are at their worst.

I’m finally learning how to maneuver through the muddy moments in life, with less clumsy and more grace. Y’all can’t see me, but I’m doing a praising Jesus jig right now. Why? Because I’m not defined by my messy responses to tribulation in my life. I’m defined by my Jesus…

…who dared to be messy himself

…who dared to get earth’s stank on His robe

…who dared to leave the confines of heaven,

For raggedy, clueless people just like you and just like me.

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That is a hard one sis, I have a sister who struggles with this word and I have tried to figure it out but I keep coming up empty handed. I rather not go into details but she is born again but she just can’t seem to sit still you know what I mean? Great post!
Desiray recently posted..When Death Becomes LifeMy Profile

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I love the topic of contentment! I think when you’re content you’re in the sweet spot of being a Jesus girl. Praying this with you… “I will exalt You. I will rejoice in You. I will yield to Your plan, Your purpose.” Love you…

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I’m not defined by my messes, I’m defined by my Master. What a beautiful truth, Kelli! I have been at the point of wondering what possible reason God could have for allowing certain things to come into my life. But I KNOW that God is faithful. I must trust that He ways are better and He is working all things out for my good.

Beautiful encouragement today, my friend. 🙂
Lisa recently posted..Multitudes on MondayMy Profile

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Contentment is a tough one. When we are in a season of trial we just want out of it even though we know that seasons of trial are seasons of growth, we have dreams in our heart that just aren’t coming to pass and our fuel tank of faith starts to run low. But I love the line where you wrote, your focus is on Him not where you are going, we get focused on the destination and forget the journey that we need to travel before we get there.

Blessings to you Kelli
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“I’m not defined by my messy responses to tribulation in my life. I’m defined by my Jesus” Amen!
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