Attitude or Gratitude?

Having an attitude is easy. It is naturally produced by the flesh and thrives on emotion and greed. It stomps its foot, crying out for its own rights and demands happiness.

Having gratitude when you’d rather have an attitude is hard. Gratitude is a growing bi-product of the work of the Spirit and it thrives on Truth and peace. It proclaims, “what rights have I?” and is content in all things.

Attitude feeds on fleeting, passing things and gratitude leaves us in peace over all things. 

The two cannot co-exist. They are mutually exclusive… it’s one or the other. Will we see with our physical eyes, only what plays out clearly before us, or by the eyes of the Spirit within, a divine perspective presented by knowledge, trust and intimacy with God?

It’s this multitude of second-by-second and unrelenting choices that makes all the difference for us. And most importantly it identifies the ruling authority over us:Flesh or Spirit.

Which one will you lead with today? 

We have received too much from God to allow ourselves opportunities for unbelief. We have received too many gifts and privileges to allow a grumbling, murmuring heart to disqualify us of our destiny. In contrast, the thankful heart sees the best part of every situation. It sees problems and weaknesses as opportunities, struggles as refining tools, and sinners as saints in progress.  -Francis Frangipane

Counting with Ann at A Holy Experience and linking up with Lindsay for Messy Mondays.

217. a working dishwasher for a small fee

218. husband who takes care of me as I recover (again)

219. children who let me rest

220. time with family

221. a new tv… something we’ve not had since we were married

222. anticipating Christmas

223. comfy pants

224. Thanksgiving meal

225. husbands smoked turkey

226. Elsie Dinsmore… how this little girl spurs me on in Christ

227. trusting You despite my urge to fret

228. time with a dear friend

229. my children laughing

230. my children loving each other

231. four straight days of family fun

232. rest

233. healing

234. soft fleece sheets

235. homemade popcorn

236. Pastor who listens, prays and preaches from the Word

237. the power to choose gratitude over attitude…

238. and the sweet blessing of that choice


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Hi Heidi – have been missing you! You are so right. I love how you say attitude and gratitude cannot co-exist! I have been finding my attitude submitting to joy in the face of gratitude, ok, I’m so going to tweet that 🙂
God bless and have a great day
Tracy recently posted..Random acts of kindness!My Profile

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Wow! I too, am reminded with this post how much I have been missing your words of encouragement! Gratitude truly does leave us in peace over all things! Gosh, my attitude trips me up all the time! Thank you for this amazing reminder! Thanks for linking up today too! What a perfect example of what to do when the trash truck comes calling!

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Wonderful encouragement to start the week Heidi, and a timely message to be sure.

I love your list today! So much to be grateful for… 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!
Phil D. Malmstrom recently posted..The Lord Shall Renew Their StrengthMy Profile

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Oh that’s good! Attitude vs gratitude. Attitude can be much easier sometimes but gratitude is what I want to have.

Great list!
Jenifer recently posted..Continuing To Count Sweet BlessingsMy Profile

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“Attitude feeds on fleeting, passing things and gratitude leaves us in peace over all things.” Love that, Heidi. Gratitude certainly puts things into perspective.
Eileen recently posted..Share A Song MondayMy Profile

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I like how you contrasted attitude and gratitude. I want to choose gratitude as well: a lasting enduring state of mind.

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Love this – “Lead with gratitude”. Lord, let gratitude take the lead over my heart today as I follow You.
Shannon Milholland recently posted..GratefulMy Profile

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We really do have things to be thankful and grateful about if we would take time out and look around instead of always complaining about what we don’t have or what we wish we had..
Desiray Lewis recently posted..Are you HEARING, HIM?My Profile

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Attitude and gratitude cannot coexist. Wow! So, if I’m truly grateful, I won’t have an attitude, and if I have an attitude, I’m not truly grateful. These words really speak to me, Heidi. Thank you!
I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well again. I will be praying for you. Love you list of blessings. 🙂

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I missed you and I didn’t know you were recovering from something, hope you are well soon.

There are sometimes I just so want to cop an attitude, but is just so hard when I am reminded of all the things I have to be grateful for. Love your list, #218 made my smile.

Blessings to you Heidi, hope you feel better soon.
Kandi recently wordsMy Profile

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I might want to lead the way of gratitude… When you are grateful, i think that will also coordinate of having an attitude. Thank you for sharing this blog.
Pettina recently posted..Trying To Avoid Panic AttacksMy Profile

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Amen, leading with gratitude will for sure produce a “good” attitude:)
Heidi recently posted..Word Filled Wednesday!My Profile

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Hi Heidi…For me, attitude is really important and your wealth and popularity will all disappear if you don’t have good attitude…
Cherry recently posted..breaking up adviceMy Profile

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Hello Hiedi, I love what you have posted! It’s better if we know first the true meaning of attitude and gratitude. In this way we can define what is really important between the two. Thanks for posting
Francoise recently posted..My Arowana Is Not Eating No Matter What I Do !!!My Profile

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