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In God’s Heart I Am Blessed…

I’m linking up with the very sweet Holley Gerth today. We are talking about a different word that answers, “In God’s Heart I Am…”

This week that word is “blessed.”  

In God’s 

I am Blessed….

I can’t keep up.

The constant cooking, cleaning, and carpooling curls my toes. The lengthy list of “to-do’s” and “where-to-go’s,” has me all twisted up and bent out of shape.

Sometimes I’m pushed too far.

Sometimes I could yank my hair right out of its flakey scalp.

Yes sweet sisters, there are tail feathers ruffling in suburbia.   

These hinny wiping, nose blowing, daytime drama days are more than any Proverbs 31 woman could take, right? Not that I’m a Proverbs 31 woman or anything. I’m simply a work in progress.

At these lowly times in my life I cry out, “God, do you know how desperate I am for you? Do see how hard I’m trying? Do you see me begging for mercy because I make the same mistakes day after day?”

But you know what?

God hears.

God is ready to respond.

He asks the same question he asked two blind men sitting by the road to Jericho long ago. “What do you want me to do for you,” (Matthew 20:32, NKJV)?

Their answer was simple.

My answer is just like theirs.

“Have mercy on us… Lord that our eyes may be opened,” (v. 34).

The healing for those two men was different than mine, but the blessing is the same. It’s a blessing that squeezes its way out from underneath the rubble of complication.

It’s a blessing that’s born in the trenches of turbulence and trials.

But to be noticed by Jesus, to be called out by Jesus, to be touched by Jesus, is worth the risk.

Suddenly, my heart audaciously shouts for Jesus to stand still for me, call out for me, ache with me, and reach out for mejust like he did for those men.

So, where is the blessing in all this?

The blessing is the experience. I always experience the cleansing power of Jesus in the dirty messes I create.

He meets me in the middle, somewhere between “okay” and really blowing it. Long ago while on his way to a speaking engagement, Jesus stopped what he was doing for two blind men that wouldn’t stop yelling for his attention. He paused for them in the midst of their mess.

Why wouldn’t he do the same for me?

Why wouldn’t he do the same for you?

He would and he does.

The diamond in the rough moment is when you come to God with great humility and cry out in genuine desperation. When we do this he will answer. He will move all of creation aside just to spend time with you, heal you, and move you.

So, when mean mama starts rearing her ugly head and swinging her arms in air-waving-punctuation, remember there is a message tucked behind the mess. A message of encouragement tagged and wrapped with a blessing you won’t want to miss!

Sharing with YOU…

I love getting to know YOU.

Even  though some of us are hundreds of miles apart, we still connect because of one person… Jesus. He’s our common denominator…can  you tell I’ve done alot of math homework!?

I love hearing about your adventures with God.

It encourages me. It encourages me to deny myself more, pick up my cross with stronger hands, and follow him without delay.

I thought today we could share something with each other.

Maybe a praise.

Labor Day blessings.

A prayer request.

Maybe a little bit or a lotta bit of both…

I’ll go first!

My husband and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary this weekend!

We have three girls Savanna Faith 8yr., Sammy Hope 6 yr., and Scarlett Grace 3yr.

Please pray for us. We have a lot of lip-gloss driven drama in our house. But I am so thankful to God for every minute of chaos… I love my man  and my family!

Your turn!

I’d love to hear from YOU…

YOU are loved,


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