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GUEST POST from Lisa at A Moment with God

About the Author: I have been married to my wonderful husband for 21 years and we have three beautiful children. I home school my youngest son and help my husband with his business. I am actively involved in our church and have just begun leading worship.  I also lead a womens Bible study. Basically, I’m just an ordinary woman who desires to be available for use by God to do extraordinary things. I started A Moment with God as a way to share the daily devotions I felt God was giving me.  


I home school my son and we have been blessed this year to be able to use Christian curriculum.  We are studying the history of the world in Christian perspective.   Our lessons have recently focused Abraham’s journey from Ur to the land of Canaan.   

Currently we are reading about the different cultures of Mesopotamia.  These cultures had some great accomplishments like the wheel, irrigation and writing.  But they didn’t serve the Living God.  Instead, they served many gods; gods of their own creation.  The Sumerians, for example, made their gods resemble humans not only in appearance, but in actions as well.  Their god Anu, god of the sky, supposedly ruled other gods, but was constantly threatened by rebellion from the other gods.  I started thinking about this.  If you are going to create a god to worship, why would you give it limited power?  Why would you make it susceptible to being overthrown?  Why would you make it fallible?

Then God spoke to my spirit.  Don’t we do the same thing with Him?  We didn’t create God, but we create a version of Him.  A god of our understanding.  We limit His power because we don’t fully understand who HE is.  

Don’t limit God by your limited understanding of who He is.  

Go deeper with God.  Seek Him with all your heart and He will be found.  My soul is still crying out for more.  I want to know Him in all His glory.  I want to discover all I can about this God who is so in love with me.  I pray this is your desire too.  Just a closer walk with Him.

Thank you Lisa for encouraging us today with what God has laid on your heart! For more from Lisa visit her at A Moment with God!

The Negatives

I think we all agree that we are weak in our own skin. Because of this we tend to get easily taken in by the negatives of life..

Worry targets us and literally runs us down.

Discouragement seeps in like a slow leak and before we know it we are flooded by it.

Doubt dangles itself before us threatening all that we believe in our hearts.

And, Fear illusively edges itself in around the corners of our mind, wraps its bar-like fingers around us and holds us captive.

Yet, we are told over and over as believers in Jesus that we should not worry, that we should ignore discouraging thoughts, that if we doubt or fall prey to fear than we are not trusting Christ.

But, I object… to that thought process anyway. The one that says meeting up with the negatives means they will overtake us and that we don’t believe Christ.
The fact is that our very core is divided by two constantly warring forces. We are both depraved human flesh and we are children of God, filled with His Holy Spirit. They are oil and water. Dark and light. Love and hate. A positive and a negative charge blasting away at each other vying for ultimate power.
Yes, we are in the habit of letting the negatives fuel our emotions and drive us head first into our flesh, giving it the control it needs to thrive.
But, it doesn’t have to be this way.
I’ve come to the conclusion that we cannot stop feeling worry. We cannot stop the whispers of discouragement. We cannot keep doubt from creeping in. And, certainly we will not stop staring in the eyes of fear. These emotions will absolutely strike us. And, it’s time to realize that it’s not about stopping them it is about re-directing them. 

Upon contact we must thrust them forcibly at the right power source… the one that snuffs them out instead of allowing them to ignite and consume us. Changing the way we think about the negatives will change the way they affect us. 

It’s not natural. It’s not easy. It requires a little heart surgery. And, a lot of mental re-training. But, I believe we’re up to the challenge and the good news: We were never meant to do it alone.


The Stylish Blogger Award!

Well, Kelli and I are absolutely honored and blessed to receive the “Stylish Blogger Award” from our precious bloggy friend Debbie Dillon! She is such an inspiration and encouragement to us all of the time, so if you haven’t checked her out yet, please head over the Writin’4HimCafe to meet her next.
As a recipient of this sweet award we are asked to share 7 things about ourselves with you that you may not already know.  So, since we are a team of two you get a double dose of interesting (or not so interesting) tidbits from us…
From Heidi:
1.) I was born in Iowa, but raised in the Dallas, Texas area.
2.) My husband is a Reno native who lived in Dallas for 2 years… I met him 2 days before he was planning to move back to Reno. He stayed for 2 weeks and I quit my job and moved out here 5 months later.  We were married 2 years later.
3.) My husband is not my type, but he was the first “nice guy” that I ever really liked… and that is the greatest gift God has ever given me because my “type” was scary and destructive.
4.) We have 3 amazingly, fabulous kids: Hannah – 8, Robbie – 6 and Isabelle – 4.  I am blessed to stay home and homeschool… though it’s not easy, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5.) I am a PADI certified scuba diver… it was a prerequisite to my marriage. We got married in November, so I had to take my final certification dive in Lake Tahoe… in October… with snow on the ground in order to be ready to dive on our honeymoon! This is a picture of us right after our shark dive in Roatan..

6.) I absolutely love to cook. If I had gone to college I know now that I would have been a chef or a writer! What a blessing now to be a stay-at-home wife and mom and still be able to do both!
7.) And, lastly as a family we spend our time having as many Super Family Fun nights as we can fit into a weekend… watching movies, attending UNR basketball games, traveling, skiing (well not me… I sit in the lodge and read) and camping!       
From Kelli:
1.) I was raised in Marietta Georgia.
2.) My husband and I were married after 3 months of dating.
3.) And, we were married in a drive-thru Wedding Window in Las Vegas!
4.) I have one brother.
5.) I played basketball.
6.) I’ve worn braces twice.
7.) We have three girls (3,6,7).

In addition to sharing these little unknown facts about ourselves we also get to pass this special award on to some of you, so here it goes…
Jennifer at ~Sweet Blessings~
Allison at Beautiful in Him
And, sweet Esther at Laugh With Us Blog
Please feel free to respond in a post on your site with 7 fun things to know about you and nominate some of your bloggy favorites to keep the award moving! But, please don’t feel bad if you don’t want to, just know that we love, adore and praise God for you!


As I Wake

As I wake to this new day,
fix my eyes Lord, lest I stray.
Hear my prayers; I wait on my knees;
for your wisdom, your will to be seen.
Move ahead; make my path clear;
liven your Spirit; stay ever near.
Take my worries; give me your peace;
may I live in your presence; make my faith increase.
Invade my thoughts; hold them captive to you;
transform me Lord make me new.
Be my refuge from all my fears;
give me courage and strength to persevere.
Rescue me from myself; wrong roads I do take;
convict me; forgive me; cover my mistakes.
Prune me; cut away all that is useless and dead;
fill me with your fruit, so in your ways I am led.
Use me today; send me where ever you want me to go;
equip me Lord to make your Kingdom grow.
And when this day comes to an end;
grant me rest until I wake to find You again.

GUEST POST: By Dawna, "One Less Bite"

Maybe there is something or someone better for me. Unfortunately, we like our Mother Eve are many times deceived into believing this lie. All because of this one bite, we experience failed marriages, loss of jobs, and shattered relationships.
Why do we do it? I open my bible to Genesis to look at the first fall, to understand why we as a society are still falling. Interestingly, I notice the first two sentences out of Eve’s mouth are speaking and responding to Satan. Furthermore, she speaks a whooping 11 words telling of what God WOULD allow her to eat, compare to 31 words, of what God WOULDN’T let her eat.
Do we likewise give Satan too much attention? Do we tend to focus and talk about the negative or positive things in our lives? It is a given, Satan is going to whisper, “There’s something better than this, God’s ‘holding out’ on you,” during our lifetime?
We can choose to listen, respond, and take our questions, concerns, and anxieties to God. The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:7-8,

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.”

I do not know about you, but honey I have been devoured, I have bit into that lie, heck I ate the whole thing! Loved ones, listen we do NOT have to make that mistake as believers. We can learn to recognize the voice that is speaking. Is it all about us? Does it go against what the Bible teaches?
We MUST listen to the voice of truth (GOD), we need to keep our sword sharp ladies by praying, reading and praising him.
Like Eve, before crunching on that bite of temptation, we can walk and talk with God. He inhabits us. He’s above, below, behind, and in front of us– Hallelujah! The day you asked Jesus to be your Savior and to forgive you of your sins, was the day you said “I CHOOSE THE BEST LIFE!” A life dedicated to Jesus Christ and to glorifying his name. Satan thought he won that day in the garden BUT God CONQUERED him at Calvary’s cross!

What I Wished Someone Told Me About Dating

This post is written in response to Bonnie Gray’s Faith Barista Jam on the topic of dating…

I’m headed towards the dreaded curve for the second time this week. It twists and curls itself around the building up to the menu box. “Welcome to McDonalds,” the lady exclaims. I drive away with three My Little Pony Hamburger Happy Meals…again.

I place the meals on the passenger’s side. As the French fry smell tickles the edge of my nose, I can’t resist– I must have a fry! I begin fiddling with the box. I yank out several fries. One of them is so crunchy, it about chips my tooth! And girl, I’ve had braces twice, and a chipped tooth is not okay!
You may be wondering, “What in heaven’s name does this have to do with dating?” Well, as I sit alone crunching on a burned French fry, I begin thinking of the topic of dating.
This is what I came up with:
Guys are like McDonald’s French fries. So profound, isn’t it?
They can be crunchy, hard, stale, soft, over-done, short, or tall. Sometimes they look good on the outside but the taste isn’t what you expected.
My personal dating experiences were a lot like those fries. They looked like the real thing, but they were imitators. They were phonies trying to pass themselves off as the ultimate guy. They imitated the world, not God (See Ephesians 5:1)—and it showed. Several red flags and a lot of broken hearts later, I figured that out.
God has given you one face, and you make yourself another. ~William Shakespeare
God has given me a wonderful husband and three little girls. If I were talking to my babygirls right now, I would say, “People are not always what they seem—be on guard.” I wish someone had told me.
I wish someone had told me…
Dating isn’t always fun;
Your door may not always be held open;
Your date may think fishing is more important;
Abusive relationships are hard to walk away from;
People may try to change me; and
How much betrayal hurts.
I went through a lot of stale fries before getting to the good one. Do you know why? I tried filling the lonely places with relationships instead of God. Those places crying out when there’s no prom date, the places longing for dinner and a movie, the places desiring to be held for no particular reason. These are places that can only be filled by the One who created our hearts and understands them.

I wish someone had told me the waiting would be hard.

Dating is a battlefield.

We Jesus girls must take spiritual inventory before entering the trenches of dating. We must ask ourselves, “Are we serving the “Kingdom of Me” or are we honoring the “Kingdom of God” in our dating choices?

Just like that hamburger Happy Meal, dating can either be stale and empty or fresh and satisfying!

Best Pick Up Line Comebacks:“Single and Content,” Word Publishing, 1999

Your body is like a Temple.
Sorry, there are no services today.

Hey baby, what’s your sign?

I want to give myself to you.
Sorry, I don’t accept cheap gifts.

I can tell you want me.
Yes, I want you to leave.

May I have the last dance?
You’ve just had it.


YOU Are A Princess!

(Happy Word-Filled-Wednesday!)

Close your eyes for a moment. Breathe in the realization that YOU are a priceless princess adopted into the Kingdom of God. You’re not a princess who brags about what she has, but a Princess who boasts about what she gets for all eternity!

Did you know there is no one like you? Not even one thumb print matches yours. Out of all the billions of people on the planet, God knows you specifically and intimately.

God’s numbered all the hairs on your head—Oh yes, even the ones that fell out in the shower this morning (see Luke 12:7). He pays close attention to you, right down to the last detail. You, sweet girl, are a princess carrying her Father’s purpose across her heart. You’re a daddy’s girl. You’re a girl worth dying for. You’re everything to God. His banner of love covers you (see Song of Solomon 2:4).

God doesn’t see us the way others do. He isn’t like everybody else. He doesn’t show partiality (see Job 34:19). Even though we may think he doesn’t understand, He does. Even though we may feel He isn’t there, He is.

Just because one person says we aren’t princess material, doesn’t mean God agrees.

Sometimes I need to be reminded of something very important. There is no amount of sin God can’t forgive, no amount of back-turning God can’t restore, and no amount of heartbreak God can’t mend.

YOU sweet sister are SPECIAL, UNIQUE, and PRICELESS to God. Accept it. Believe it. Live it.

This post was written in response to WFW at Internet Cafe Devotions

YOU Are Special

I’m a woman who knew better. A woman who turned her back on God years ago by remaining in a physically abusive relationship. I felt as if I’d landed myself smack-dab right in the middle of a Sunday afternoon Lifetime movie. I heard things like, “You don’t matter,” “You were made for me to abuse,” “No one will ever love you like I do.”
Horrific but true.
For so long I believe these lies about myself. I carry them like heavy weights that continually push and jerk my head down in shame. I think, “God, will never take me back after this.”

“Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy;
no shadow of shame will darken their faces.”
~Ps. 34:5

Back then, I’m a frantic girl, unsure of her-self. I need God to wipe my tears, repair my broken heart, and heal bruises make-up won’t cover. I desperately desire to be my Father’s baby-girl again, but how? How can I ever feel worthy to come into His Holy presence? How can my prayers reach His throne room? I feel too dirty to even ask for forgiveness. Satan makes me believe I never can.

But did you know – God never left me? He noticed me even when I felt invisible.

When unspeakable pain gripped me, God gripped harder.

When I had no fight left, He fought for me.

When I felt un-lovable, He showered His love upon me.

God says, “You will always be my baby-girl, no matter what.”

At the time, I thought God probably fell out of love with me. The truth is, I never stopped being my Father’s babygirl… not even for a second! No amount of abuse, depression, or wrong choices could ever make God stop loving me.

I’m sharing this piece of myself because I thought maybe you’re like me. Maybe you too need to be reminded of how special you are to God.

Do you know you’re special? Not because the Bible says so, but because you consistently experience it through a personal relationship with Christ?

“But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people,
that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”
~1 Peter 2:9 (NKJV, emphasis added)
Please don’t miss this y’all…
The same God that is seated on His throne right now thinks you’re special. The One who breathed life into the universe is pausing just for you. Don’t waste another brain cell thinking you aren’t special. You are! God thinks so– now it’s time to live like you believe it too!

P.S. My hubby made me feel special last night by giving me flowers for no particular reason!

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