Happy Mother’s Day!

  Praying for you on Mother’s day… that you are surrounded by your loves and that your hearts are filled AND overflowing with His sweetest blessings!  Love, Heidi  

The Negatives…

I think you’ll agree with me… we are weak in our own skin. Because of this we tend to get easily taken in by the multitude of negatives in life… Worry targets us and literally runs us down to the ground. Discouragement seeps in like a slow leak and before we know it we are drowning in […]

Just Live Rooted

We ARE rooted in Christ– Living in Him Built up in Him Strengthened in Faith by Him so… We MUST be Overflowing with thankfulness to HIM! Remembering who I am in Him is half the battle sometimes. I get caught up in all that I think I should be in Him and get distracted and frustrated […]

With Courage

So, we are just now watching The Bible Series put on by the History Channel. Last night we watched the shepherd David — soon to be King — take down Goliath with a sling-shot and a stone. And I was quite taken by David as he confidently picked up the stone and walked fiercely out to meet […]

Attitude Check

I’m not big on reality TV, but there is one channel where I get taken in a bit. If you know me, than you know I love to cook, so of course I’m a Food Network fan! Over the years I’ve recorded favorite cooking shows and competitions. These are reality TV, but I have just considered them […]


I don’t want to sound totally crazy, but… I hear voices. Yes, it’s true and since I’m being honest, I’ll go ahead and confess that it seems like there are an awful lot of them going off all at once and more often than I care to keep count of. And it not only makes […]

His Wonders at Work…

God with power and might at His disposal yet works in this wise. His quiet performances are indirect, deep, serene, and seemingly slow and have to be explored, understood and appreciated. He quietly and confidently moves, working wonders day after day. In every experience, at work, in church, and in society, it sometimes appears as […]

Here, Lord, it’s Yours!

A daily devotional reaches straight through to my heart and causes me to seriously reflect on my desire for two specific things that I deeply wanted to see happen last year. Things I took to prayer over and over again. Not material things. Sovereign decisions that I wanted badly to go my way. I emotionally invest […]

And The Winner Is…

CHRISTA A copy of Unglued, by Lysa Terkeurst is on it’s way to YOU! Thanks to all of you who left comments!  

An Unglued Give-away!

As a wife for thirteen years and a mom for nearly eleven, I have MANY unglued moments that I could go on about. And you’d relate and we’d giggle over them together for sure. But, there are things in my heart and on my mind that are fresher and more painful than any of those […]

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