One of His Favorites

One of His Favorites… It’s 7:00 p.m. and I lay on quilted bedding with my girls. We speak about what God is doing in the lives of our friends who are both physically and spiritually poor. Excitement sprinkles over my words like candy on cupcakes as I describe God’s activity in our downtown ministry. My […]

Serving The Castaway Motel 10/27/12

Live Sent

  A couple of days ago my friend Bobbie Sue, a woman who struggles to feed her four children, to keep a roof over their head came to me desperate. They were evicted from their home, because for the fourth time in four months she had been unable to pay their rent. As I looked […]

Bent Low

Today my soul is full, not lacking for anything. I feel blessedly alive, my affection pouring out like unbroken worship. God has called my two girls on a new path to sing for Him unashamed, out loud and in harmony with His voice. “I surrender to Jesus and want to be baptized,” they say. And […]

Today is Messy

Sometimes as my oversized car and I clamor down the driveway, I think I’ll get out and life will be easy. That three daughters will greet me laughingly when I pick them up from school, homework will get done joyfully, and bedtime will consist of sleeping.  Except today life is messy. There are three girls […]

Junk In My Trunk

I corner my neighborhood street the day after Labor Day. I notice my neighbors’ empty trash cans hugging the curb. My stomach twists, “I forgot to roll out the trash!”  The same trash heaping over the sides fuming like a mad man in my garage. The kind where the top won’t close over reeking stench […]

Me Time

The day begins as most others do. I tend to unclean dishes floating in a moat from last night. I sweep remnants of dog hair my steam mop left behind. I microwave frozen pancakes, button shirts, tie three pony tails, and we’re off the school.  I give a kiss and wave goodbye over a herd […]

And the Winners Are…

The two winners by random drawing are… Erin and Naomi! Please email me your addresses and our new book “Nehemiah” will be sent directly to you!

Boo- Boos and Band-Aids

Last month, I took in two precious girls who were homeless. After a week and a half of treating them as my own, they returned to their family. I wrestled with the question, how do you raise a child as your own and then say good-bye? I guess because you know God ordained their family […]

Donations, Disciples, and a Giveaway

*Leave a comment and enter a drawing to win our new Bible Study Book, “Nehemiah” By Kelly Minter. *     *     *     * “Every element of self reliance must be slain by the power of God. Complete weakness and dependence will always be the occasion for the Spirit of God […]

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