Waiting for the Rain

  A long time ago, God gave Elijah a vision.  One he fought for and refused to second guess. He prayed earnestly for rain. He asked God to restore a land scarred by a three and a half year drought. He even went so far as to tell Ahab and all the people to listen out […]

Flawed to Freed

If you have kids, you know how it feels to have your flaws magnified. Samantha: “Mama, what’s wrong with your legs? Why do you have big purple veins everywhere?” Savanna: “Mama, what’s wrong with your hinny? There’s a really big dent in it? Those kinds of comments can spin a girl for a loop. Seriously […]

Beyond A Gondola Ride

I remember the juices rising in my stomach the moment my husband said, “Let’s take the Gondola to the top of the mountain!” Fear and nerves press firmly against my shoulders. My palms suddenly begin to sweat. There’s nothing fancy-schmancy about it. It looks like a rinky-dink contraption that may or may not actually reach […]

Wading While Waiting

  I sit at my desk fidgeting through an old journal. It’s nothing fancy, it would seem, except I’ve had it for years. When opened, the binder cracks and the pages crackle. The crackle is probably a result from my titanic-like struggles and the sea of tears that followed. Hidden inside the pores of every […]

Mary Jo Sharp Event Is Here: 10.7.11 – 10.8.11

We want to invite YOU to join Mothers On Mission (M.O.M.) for our Women’s Event with Mary Jo Sharp called “Getting to the Truth of the Matter,” Friday night (7:30 pm- 8:30 pm) at My Favorite Muffin in dowtown Reno and Saturday (10:00 am-11:00 am) at Rita Cannon Elementary School. Friday night we will be discussing […]

Grace is for a Girl like YOU

I have a friend who is hurting. The life she knew suddenly tipped over, spilling her heart into an abyss of raw emotions. She’s in a place of over-disclosure, where she confides in the wrong people ~ allowing them to peek too long, too deep into her pain. A pain she experiences from a broken […]


I recently took my baby to her first day of pre-school. Seemingly, the only thing on her mind is what bow she’ll wear in her hair or whether she’ll have chocolate milk or a Capri Sun for lunch. She tosses her over-sized Dora the Explorer back-pack across her tiny shoulders ~ even though the back-pack […]

Beauty Is as Beauty Does

It’s all caught on film. My dad snaps a picture at the beginning of an Easter Bunny throw down. Oh, yes, the moment my footed pajama wearing self threw a hissy fit when the Easter Bunny hopped away without leaving a Marie and Donnie Osmond Barbie is frozen in time.  A little girl’s egg dreams […]

Overcoming Adversity

I listen to the crickets chirp. I see lights flicker after bedtime. I smell the perennial garden on the kitchen table. It winks at me, but I don’t smile. Instead, I slide the steam mop across the floor one more time. It makes a girl feel useful. I wonder if the simple things will delay the […]

The Problem with Perfectionism

The “why” snips at my heels. Why can’t I figure out what everyone else seems to know? Why do I lose track of the Truth sometimes? Why does perfectionism extinguish the oxygen words, the life resuscitators? Why does it suffocate the syllables of promise that weave into the fabric of emotion and logic? Why do […]

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